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EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Review

EGO Reaches Legitimate Gas Backpack Blower Performance Levels

It’s hard to believe we’ve been talking about EGO battery-powered lawn equipment for a decade. It wasn’t that long ago that we had serious doubts cordless blowers could replace gas for professionals, but the EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower is breaking through that barrier.


  • Strongest cordless blower we’ve tested
  • Dual-battery system offers excellent runtime
  • Comfortable harness design
  • Upgraded components for professional use
  • Serviceable mechanical components
  • Innovative digital controls
  • Easy-to-read battery level indicator


  • Price point may be an obstacle for some users

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Performance

  • Brushless motor
  • 60cc gas engine equivalent
  • 800 CFM
  • 190 MPH
  • 26 Newtons
  • Up to 120 minutes (low), 30 minutes (high), or 25 minutes (turbo) of runtime with two 6.0Ah batteries
  • 65 dB(A) at 50 feet (ANSI standard)
  • Active electric cooling
  • Compatible with all EGO 56V batteries

Blowing Force

If you remember EGO’s original commercial line, it used a backpack battery or an adapter for the residential 56V batteries. This model moves away from that and is fully compatible with all EGO 56V batteries. It’s capable of running on one battery, but you get the best performance when you’re using two. If you want to go all the way to the top, you can run a couple of 12.0Ah batteries. However, EGO is putting a pair of 6.0Ah batteries in the kit, balancing how much weight you’re carrying with runtime.

On paper, this backpack blower can deliver up to 800 CFM and 190 MPH, combining for 26 Newtons of blowing force. In our tests, high topped out at 19.9 Newtons. Kicking it up to turbo, we hit 27.9 Newtons. Not only does that exceed EGO’s claims, it easily makes this the most powerful cordless leaf blower we’ve tested to date. More importantly, it hits the performance level of some professional gas backpack blowers.


Two EGO Batteries

As always, runtime depends on what batteries and how much throttle you use. EGO’s estimates are based on 6.0Ah batteries. We didn’t have two of those around, so we used a pair of 7.5Ah packs instead. On high, we ran for 37 minutes and 11 seconds. In turbo mode, it was 25 minutes and 20 seconds.

Noise Level

Noise level ratings are based on ANSI standards set for bystanders at 50 feet. EGO’s test rating comes in at a very respectable 65 decibels. We tested at our operator’s ear and registered 81 decibels in high and 83 decibels in turbo.

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Design Notes

  • IPX5 ingress rating
  • Digital controls
  • Turbo lock
  • Comfortable harness design
  • Adjustable hand grip and tube
  • UV-resistant composite housing
  • Fully serviceable mechanicals
  • Dual grab handles


EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Controls

As if EGO’s performance isn’t exciting enough, there are some seriously cool elements in the design. The major highlight is the digital controls. Give the trigger a light pull and the display comes on. Immediately, you see a battery level indicator, and it’s extremely helpful.

The trigger is variable speed, moving you up through four distinct levels. If you’re working for an extended period of time, the button on the left locks the power level in. Just pull the trigger to the level you want to work in and press that button to set it. You can still hit higher power levels with the trigger if you need them. Once you let go, it returns to the level you set.

The center button is the turbo button. From any power level, you can kick it up to full force by pressing and holding it for as long as you need. If you’re using a locked power level, a single press locks in turbo mode and a second press returns you to the previous level.



As far as comfort goes, EGO got it right. The harness has padding in the right areas and there’s plenty of adjustment between the straps, the controls, and the tube to comfortably work.


There’s one other thing that’s worth pointing out—EGO designed this backpack blower with fully serviceable mechanical components. One of the biggest complaints we hear about battery-powered equipment is the amount of downtime it takes to get repairs completed. EGO is taking a big step forward in alleviating that pain point. Considering the trigger time professional blowers get compared to residential models, that’s a big deal.

EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower Price

EGO is offering this blower in bare tool and kit configurations. The bare tool (EGO LBPX8000) is $399. Two kits are available. The EGO LBPX8004-02 comes with two 6.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger for $699 and the EGO LBPX8006-02 comes with two 10.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger for $1299.

If you’re using the blower for residential purposes, you get a 5-year warranty. Professional users get a 2-year warranty (extended from 1 year when you register the tool).

The Bottom Line

The EGO Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower is yet another example proving that the design team isn’t content to rest on its impressive resume`. It’s the most powerful battery-powered blower we’ve tested so far with a thoughtful design, innovative controls, and the durable build professionals need. If you’re looking for a way to switch from gas backpack blowers to battery power, there’s no better option currently available.

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