New Ryobi 18V Power Station has 3x AC and 6x USB Outlets

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Ryobi is launching a new 18V One+ 1800W power station, model RYi818B.

The Ryobi power station operates on their 18V One+ Li-ion batteries, with users having the option to equip it with up to (8) batteries for longer runtime.

Ryobi 18V Cordless Battery Power Station RYi818BG

The Ryobi 1800W power station has (3) 120V AC outlets, which deliver up to 15A power. Ryobi says this is “great for powering refrigerators, TVs, fans, and other appliances.”

Ryobi 18V Cordless Battery Power Station RYi818BG Used with Laptop

The 120V 15A outlets deliver a pure sine wave output, which is better for sensitive electronics and devices such as projectors, radios, and audio/visual equipment.

You also get (2) USB-A 12W charging ports, (2) USB-A 18W fast-charging ports, and (2) USB-C 45W outlets, all of which “can recharge several personal devices simultaneously.

An LCD display provides battery and load level readouts. There’s also a front-mounted LED light.

The power station can be monitored remotely via Bluetooth and Ryobi’s GenControl app for mobile devices. This allows users to keep an eye on battery levels and power consumption, and it also offers the ability to reset or shut off the unit remotely.

Ryobi 18V Cordless Battery Power Station RYi818BG USB Charger

The power station can recharge connected batteries via an included USB-C charging adapter.

It is also described as being “solar charging capable.”

The power station weighs 24 lbs (without batteries).

Key Specs

  • 1800 running Watts
  • 3000 starting Watts
  • Pure sine wave output
  • (3) 120V AC 15A outlets
  • (2) USB-A 12W
  • (2) USB-A 18W
  • (2) USB-C 45W
  • Weighs 24 lbs
Ryobi 18V Cordless Battery Power Station RYi818BG Runtime Chart

This chart provides approximate runtime and charging specs for different types of devices.

Ryobi 18V Cordless Battery Power Station RYi818BG Kit Contents

The kit comes with the power station, (4) 6Ah batteries, and charger.

Price: $999 for the kit (RYi818BG), $799 for the tool-only (RYi818BT)
ETA: July 2023

The power station will be available exclusively at Home Depot.

The new Ryobi 18V One+ power station looks to be a step-up from their 40V Max battery power station that launched a few years ago.

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