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Here’s my Latest KC Tool Order – Knipex, Witte, NWS (March 2023)

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I just placed a new order with KC Tool, a German hand tool supplier, and it seemed fitting to share my reasoning with you.

Everything was in stock, and it shipped already. I’m a little antsy, and didn’t want to wait for the tools to arrive.

Plus, this will give me a head start in tackling any questions once they do arrive.

Note: Coupon code TOOLGUYD4LIFE will give you 10% off, excluding sale items and Stabila. This coupon is set to expire in a few weeks (end of April) – more on this another time.

Knipex 95-05-20 Angled Electricians’ Shears

Knipex 95-05-20 Angled Electrician Shears White Background

I posted about these Knipex angled electrician’s shears the other day, and was curious about them.

I had placed an order at Amazon, but there was no ETA and it hadn’t shipped out yet. It was recently stocked/restocked at KC Tool, and I couldn’t resist. Plus, KC Tool has it for less.

These don’t strike me as a must-have, but I’m a sucker for ergo-grip and angled tools.

NWS 5.75″ Needle Nose Pliers

NWS Needle Pliers - MicroFinish

These long nose pliers were on my wishlist, and I’ve been saving it for a “I need something else to get free shipping” purposes.

I have other NWS mini pliers, with cushion grips, but this look different – they cost a lot more and so hopefully they are. Are they worth the premium price? Worst case scenario, I could always use more needle nose and long nose mini pliers.

NWS lists these are discontinued, but I couldn’t find any replacement SKUs.

NWS Economy 4.75″ Chain Nose Pliers

NWS Economy Chain Nose Pliers - MicroFinish

I also picked up chain nose pliers from the “economy” line.

There are “economy” pliers, with lap joint jaws. There are also more premium versions – “classic-line,” and “micro-line.”

Let’s see what these can do.

NWS Classic-Line 4.5″ Chain Nose Pliers

NWS Classic Line Chain Nose Pliers - MicroFinish

The Classic-Line pliers have a box-jointed pivot design, compared to the economy’s lap joint. Is that worth the price? This model is close to $36 whereas the economy line pliers are close to $23. What do you get for a nearly 57% premium?

If you want to know more about any of these tools, please let me know! It will take a few days once my order arrives, but I should be able to provide early feedback within a few days.

NWS Micro-Line 4.25″ Micro Side Cutter

NWS Micro-Line Side Cutter - MicroFinish

Lastly, there’s also Micro-Line mini pliers.

I couldn’t find comparable pliers to the chain nose pliers, but these mini side cutters should provide some insights. It seems that NWS Mico-Line pliers are a little finer than Classic-Line.

What’s strange is that Classic-Line and Micro-Line pliers have similar model number schemes, suggesting that the Micro-Line are similar bit smaller.

Witte 94904 Pro Plus Phillips #2 x 4″ Screwdriver

Witte 94904 Pro Plus Phillips Screwdriver

I have tried Witte screwdrivers before, mostly miscellaneous screwdrivers I found at a Woodworking Show liquidator’s sales bench a few years ago. This will be a nice reintroduction to the brand. Phillips #2 drivers are a great way to judge overall handle comfort and tip quality.

Witte 73035 MaxxPro Stainless Phillips #2 x 4″ Screwdriver

Witte 73035 MaxxPro Stainless Phillips Screwdriver

I also wanted to try out the MaxxPro style, with stainless steel shafts.

I’m aware of the benefits of stainless steel tools – reduced chance of corrosion, flaking, or contamination of stainless steel hardware – but haven’t tested them out myself yet.

Do they hold up as well as traditional screwdrivers? Are there any downsides? Let’s find out!