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Irwin Also has New Hybrid Bar Clamps

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Irwin has also launched new hybrid bar clamps in 12″ and 24″ sizes.

As with the new Dewalt ToughSeries hybrid bar clamps, these Irwin clamps feature trigger and screw-style handles.

The Irwin Quick-Grip clamps can deliver up to 300 lbs via the trigger switch, or 825 lbs via the screw handle.

Irwin Quick-Grip Hybrid Bar Clamp

The clamp also features a removable fixed head that can be moved to the opposite end of the bar for use as a spreader.

A hex bolt on the screwdriver handle can be use with a wrench for applying additional torque and clamping pressure.

As with the Dewalt model, two clamps can be attached together for a longer clamping length. There is no word as to whether the Dewalt and Irwin clamps can be coupled together, across brands.

Price: $45 for 12″ (IRHT83500), $50 for 24″ (IRHT83501)


Irwin Quick-Grip Hybrid Bar Clamp Screw Closeup

In taking a closer look at the Irwin clamps, they’re not identical to the also-new Dewalt clamps.

Dewalt Hybrid Bar Clamp

There are slight functionality differences, such as how the Irwin handle has a hex bolster and the Dewalt handle has a hole for a screwdriver handle or similar shaft.

The housings, fixed jaw, and moveable jaws appear to be different as well. Both have the same clamping pressure ratings.

Irwin Quick-Grip Hybrid Bar Clamp Fixed Jaw

The Irwin clamp has a different clamping pad on its fixed jaw.

Is one of the clamps better than the other? Which one? How? I’ll see what I can find out.