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Dewalt Launched a New Style of Bar Clamp

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Dewalt has 2 new ToughSeries hybrid bar clamps, in 12″ and 24″ sizes.

The premise of the Dewalt hybrid clamps is simple. Squeeze the trigger to exert up to 300 lbs of clamping force, or use the screw handle to increase the holding force up to 825 lbs.

Both clamps feature a removable fixed jaw, which can be attached to the opposite side of the bar for use as a spreader.

Dewalt Hybrid Bar Clamp

The screw handle also has a through-hole for use with a screwdriver or other type of solid bar for exerting higher torque.

Additionally, two hybrid clamps can be attached together for extended length. The necessary coupling fasteners are included with the clamps.

Price: $42-50 for 12-inch (DWHT83600), $45-55 for 24-inch (DWHT83601)

At this time, Acme’s pricing is better for both sizes.


I think I like the concept. Use the squeeze-trigger for quick clamping tasks, and the screw handle for when greater clamping pressure is needed. This seems simple and convenient.

The clamps seem a little pricey, but you get 2-in-1 handle styles, plus the ability to couple two clamps together without needing to buy additional hardware.

For some users, it might be worthwhile to buy separate trigger or screw-style clamps. The Dewalt clamps look to give you the functionality of both.

There could be benefit in buying separate trigger and screw-style clamps if you need more than 825 lbs of pressure, or want smaller and less-featured trigger-style bar clamps.

It looks like the same release clutch is used regardless of how the clamping pressure is applied.