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Let’s Look at Modern Marketing, Good, Bad, and Weird

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I’ve been looking closely at tool marketing images, and it’s started to become a general habit.

Dewalt tool boxes usually have smeared-on dirt and mud, to show you that they’re resistant to dust and weather.

It stands out at times, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. It plays into the “jobsite tough” theme.

Dewalt PowerShift Cordless Core Drill in Use

Most people don’t realize it, but Dewalt puts a LOT of effort and attention into their product imagery, with application examples always depicting proper safety gear.

Makita XPH16 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Hero

It might look a little awkward, but Makita’s depiction of a compact drill being used with a two-hand-grip is “by the book.”

Irwin Quick-Lift Construction Jack Leveling Cabinet

Many tool brands include related tools in product application images.


Some brands mess up, such as how Greenworks shows a drill with a misaligned hammer drill or rotary hammer bit reaching into a populated electrical box.

I was looking at a meat grinding attachment for a KitchenAid stand mixer, and the images are a mix of neat and sloppy.

KitchenAid Metal Grinder Attachment with Food Spilling off the Cutting Board

Here, the grinder is staged in a way to show meat being prepped for hamburgers.

On the right, there are fixings, with a couple of onion rings and bunch of tomato slices spilled onto the countertop.

The countertop appears to be clean, but is it “eat off of it” clean?

There’s also a butter knife with honey mustard or some other gooey-looking spread, and it’s laid down right on the counter. That’s supposed to go on food?

Some countertops are clean enough to eat or prepare food off of. But this one?

KitchenAid Metal Grinder Attachment with Large Food Tray

The KitchenAid metal meat grinder attachment has a “larger food tray” that “processes more ingredients in 1 batch.” But somehow there’s still ground up pepper and some kind of leafy herb straight on the countertop.

KitchenAid Metal Grinder Attachment with Spilled Ingredients

There’s a bowl for meat, another for seasoned meat, and 3 more for chopped ingredients. But then there’s onion and herb chunks spilled on the countertop.


This is just sloppy, right?

Bowls with ingredients on the cutting board, and loose ingredients spilled onto the countertop.

A little mud splashed onto a tool box seems benign in comparison.

KitchenAid Metal Grinder Attachment with Spilled Fruit and Sugar

In this one, there’s whole fruit (cranberries?), ground up fruit, orange and apple slices, and spilled sugar on the countertop.

KitchenAid Metal Grinder Attachment with Spilled Onion and Herbs

Making sausages? Don’t forget to throw some onion pieces, peppers, and cut-up herbs on the countertop!

KitchenAid Blender with Spilled Ingredients

Blending some juice? Spill some sugar on the cutting board and fruit on the countertop.


A while back I posted about some ridiculous stock image choices. What’s being advertised here?

Seriously – can you guess?

Separately, looking up at a ceiling while doing something with a screwdriver? Major tool brands would keep the hard hat (or swap it for a helmet), and add in safety glasses.

Vyper X32 Cart Buy Once Cry Once

Anyone in the market for a “badass” tool cart that you “buy once, cry once” over?

Walmart Head Gear Social Media Ad

Walmart keeps targeted me on social media, with ads for “all my favorite things.”

Apparently they think I’m in the market for a cervical range of motion assessment set.

Dove Men Whole Body Deodorant Ad

Dove keeps targeting me on Reddit for whole body deodorant.

Dove Men Whole Body Deodorant Ad Version 2

The ads are auto-playing, and were on every page I visited for a day or two.

They’re calling it “Whole Body Deo.”


Deo for your crotcho.

Thankfully, Dove didn’t include any application images.

Temu Seal the Steal Toy Figure Ad

Temu says “Don’t worry this is free. Seal the steal with a free gift.”

Nope. I have deep reservations about Temu.

Sanwa Not a Fluke Multimeter Ad

Sanwa-America has a clever ad – “this is no Fluke. 80 years making premium multimeters in Japan.”

I’m not familiar with the brand, but the “no Fluke” double-meaning wins them some points. Or at least I’m assuming it’s supposed to have a double meaning.

As Fluke is highly well-regarded, “no Fluke” could have negative connotations.

The ad grabbed my attention and inspired me to learn more. Mission accomplished.

Cutscene Sleep Aid for Gamers Ad

A “sleep aid for gamers.”

The company says that “Cutscene is perfect for… filthy casuals, hardcore sweats, content creators.”

MadMonq Gaming Pills Ad

There are also gaming pills.

MadMonq Gaming Pills Skills Ad

Gaming pills…

Superbrand Mini Chain Saw Ad

Let me get this straight. Stand on a beam that spans a gap in the floor, and then cut it in half with a mini chainsaw?

When you see ads like this, they’re almost always selling the same no-name tools that you can buy on Amazon (I wouldn’t), but at 2X to 3X the price “on sale for a limited time.”

Milwaukee Pruning Saw for Tree Roots Ad

According to this Milwaukee Tool ad, you can use their Sawzall pruning blades on tree roots and stumps.

And… they’re absolutely right! These work a lot better than general purpose demo blades, even those with carbide teeth.

Milwaukee’s carbide-tooth pruning blades are fantastic.

Milwaukee Pruning Saw for Cutting Tree Roots in Dirt Ad

I wish I saw these ads a few years ago – I would have worn out fewer blades.

Greenworks Awards Ad

Around 2 years ago, I came across this Greenworks ad where they claim to be the “most awarded brand in outdoor equipment.”


Greenworks Most Awarded Cordless Outdoor Brand Landscape Ad

Greenworks ran multiple ads making the same claim.

Lowes Dewalt Power Tools Display with Retail Claims from February 2022

I sometimes run into eyebrow-raising signage in stores.

Lowe’s had a Dewalt PowerStack-centered display where they made some bold claims.

Lowes Dewalt Power Tools Display with Retail Claims from February 2022 Closeup

Among other things, Lowe’s was claiming that they carry “more Dewalt power tools and accessories in-store than any other national home improvement retailer.”

Lowes Dewalt Power Tools Display with Retail Claims from February 2022 Fine Print

Ah, here’s the teeny tiny fine print. It says this is based on “the total number of point-of-sale core SKUs of power tools and accessories (including batteries and chargers, excludes outdoor products) offered at brick-and-mortar USA locations only, measured as of November 29, 2021.

Home Depot has Dewalt’s Atomic line of cordless power tools. Does that not count as “core SKUs”? What about FlexVolt tools, which also aren’t available at Lowe’s?

Power tool accessories includes screwdriver bits, right? Lowe’s carries two lines of Dewalt bits – FlexTorq and Tough Grip. Does that inflate their count of power tool accessories?

Excluding cordless outdoor products?

Lowe’s ad didn’t give me good vibes.

Pellt Gillp Smoker Ad 2021

Buy a pellet grill blind box for $399 for “a pellet grill worth up to $699”?

How many people are getting their money’s worth, and how many aren’t?

Is there really a market for $399 mystery grills?

Amazon Flaming River Ad

What’s a “Flaming River Big Switch and Lever Kit”?

This was a focused Amazon ad on social media (Instagram).

Amazon Verbatim Floppy Disk Ad

Amazon also paid money to advertise floppy disks.

These are high density Verbatim Microdisks, 10 per pack, each with a whopping 1.44 MB of storage capacity.

I’ve learned to forgive a bit of extra dirt smeared on a tool box.