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Why is Home Depot Selling a 2-Pack of Table Saws?

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Home Depot ran another tool deals of the day event today, and one of the featured items is a 2-pack of Ridgid table saws with rolling stands.

Yes, it’s a 2-pack of table saws.

I thought it was strange, and then a reader’s email made me think more about it.

Kent wrote:

Here’s a new one for me, never seen a table saw 2-pack before. I’ve seen grinders and sanders but never a table saw.

Welders like to rock multiple grinders, as it’s quicker to pick up a different tool than to swap between accessories back and forth. I suppose the same is true for woodworkers who might want to keep sanders loaded with different types or sizes of sandpaper grits.

But table saws?

At the time of this posting, while the sale is still ongoing, (1) table saw is $549. Or you can buy (2) for $699.

There’s free delivery either way.

I’ve seen things like this before, and always figured it was Home Depot’s algorithm being strange.

Or maybe it’s meant for teams of pro users who might set up more than one table saw at jobsites?

I’ve always seen nailer bundles before, and that makes sense.

However, I rarely see residential contractors, deck-builders, and other such pros use more than one table saw at jobsites. Even when I drive past work-in-progress, there’s usually just one table saw set up.

Deals like this tend to work well if you have buddies that are also buying the same exact new tools, or are flexible in their choices. Two table saws at $699 is a lot better than one for $549.

But then why wouldn’t they just sell them for $350 each on sale? A lot more users would be willing to buy one for $350 than two at double the price.

Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing. What are your thoughts on portable table saw multi-packs?