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New Metabo HPT TruRange Tape Measure

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Metabo HPT has launched a new TruRange 25′ tape measure that’s advertised as delivering category-leading standout and reach.

The TruRange tape measure has 14′ of standout and 17′ of reach, matching advertised claims for Dewalt ToughSeries and Milwaukee Stud 25′ tape measures.

It has a high visibility green blade with black markings for contrast, and double-sided printing for convenience.

Metabo HPT Tru Range Tape Measure Extended

The new Metabo HPT tape measure is said to have an ergonomically-designed housing. It has a standard slide lock, and from the looks of it, a finger stop on the bottom.

Price: $28


A lot of power tool brands have hand tools, with some diving deeper into the category than others. This looks to be Metabo HPT’s first hand tool, and it’ll be interesting to see if this is a limited entry, or the start of a new focus for the brand.

Metabo HPT seems to be taking on the flagship tape measure models from industry leaders, such as Dewalt (ToughSeries) and Milwaukee (Stud), in which case I would expect to see more durability claims.

The best tools often sell themselves, but I think Metabo HPT is going to need to talk this one up a bit more if they are to have any chance of success in this product category.

This is an interesting if not unusual offering from Metabo HPT, and I’m curious to see where it goes.