New Harbor Freight Bauer 6-Port Battery Charger

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Harbor Freight expanded their Bauer 20V Max cordless power tool lineup today with a new 6-port battery charger.

The new Harbor Freight Bauer charger features 6 sequential charging ports, plus 2x USB outlets.

Charging times range from 35 minutes for each 1.5Ah battery, to 140 minutes for each 8Ah battery.

Harbor Freight Bauer 6-Port Battery Charger

The charger can be placed on a worktable or other flat horizontal surface, or wall-mounted. It also has a large handle for easier portability.

Harbor Freight Bauer 6-Port Battery Charger with USB Outputs

With the handle on the side, there’s clear visibility of status indicator lights on the top.

Battery Charging Times

  • 1.5Ah: 35 minutes
  • 3Ah: 55 minutes
  • 5Ah: 85 minutes
  • 8Ah: 140 minutes

Each USB-A port can deliver up to 2A for charging smartphones and other such devices.

Price: $80
Model: 2105C-B
SKU: 58673


I’ll quote my daughter on this, since her views mirror my own: $80 for that is not bad. For what it is, it should cost more.

It’s a sequential charger, which means up to 6 Bauer 20V Max batteries can be charged, one by one.

If you have a full set of 6 batteries, each with 5Ah charging capacity, it will take up to 8.5 hours to charge all of them.

That makes this more appealing as an end-of-the-day type of charger, or a charger one visits throughout a longer project.

Bauer users should be aware of the sequential charging times, which in my opinion are reasonable for a product like this. Basically, don’t expect to load it with 6 depleted batteries and expect them all to be fully charged after a lunch break.

Bauer also has a 2-port simultaneous charger for $60. If there’s demand for it, maybe they’ll offer a larger multi-port simultaneous charger as well.

Harbor Freight says the charger has ETL certification. ETL is an OSHA-approved nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

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