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Kobalt has a Weird New LED Headlamp

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Lowe’s launched a new Kobalt LED headlamp, and I can’t get over how weird it looks.

They took an LED light strip, added a headband, a rechargeable battery, and single button control.

The new Kobalt LED headlamp delivers up to 400 lumens of illumination and is impact rated to 3m (~10ft). There are two brightness settings.

It recharges via USB and is described as fitting over a hardhat.

According to the user manual, the battery is rated to 700mAh capacity, and it recharges via USB-C in about 2-3 hours with a 1A charger.

I’ve never seen a flexible light strip headlamp like this before, but apparently there are a bunch available on Amazon.

Light strips tend to emit diffuse light for close-up illumination, and that the strip curves around one’s head should provide floodlighting over a broader area.

What do you think, is this weird-good or not so much?

Price: $25