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Milwaukee is Launching a New Cordless Dust Extractor

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Milwaukee has a new M18 Fuel cordless dust extractor coming down the pipeline, featuring dual battery power, automatic filter cleaning, and a Packout-compatible top deck.

The new Milwaukee 0888-20 cordless dust extractor will also feature VACLINK for integrated wireless dust control tech that allows for remote activation.

This means the Milwaukee M18 Fuel dust extractor will automatically turn on and off according to the control state of connected tools or a separate remote.

It will also have a low-flow alarm for alerting users when suction airflow is no longer effective.

Milwaukee says that their new 9-gallon cordless dust extractor has “corded capabilities” and that the automatic filter cleaning will help to maintain air performance levels and sustained suction.

ETA: Q4 2024


Details are still scarce, but I can see enough to be optimistic.

Remote activation? Check.

Packout compatibility on the top deck? Check.

Dual battery ports? Check.

Looks pretty good to me. I have tons of question, most of which likely won’t be answered until the dust vacuum is closer to launching.

Is it HEPA rated? Will there be filter bags for dust collection? Which tools will feature built-in remote activation? What does the remote look like, and where does it go – the hose-end similar to Festool’s?

Will there be new M18 cordless power tool batteries with VACLINK built in?

Finally, while I rarely use caster brakes on my dust extractors, they are nice to have. I LOVE the unique foot brake on Milwaukee’s Packout 4-wheel dolly. Festool has a neat foot-activated brake on their corded dust extractors. Maybe Milwaukee can put those two ideas together and come up with something better than tiny caster lever locks.

What is the noise level like?

This looks good. I have found that the more questions I ask, the more excited I am about a new tool. There’s a good chance this might replace my corded dust extractor, but I’ll need to learn more before deciding.