A New Ridgid Bucket Organizer – Really?

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Home Depot has launched a brand new and cutting edge Ridgid bucket organizer.

It’s… an organizer that you put in a 5-gallon bucket and wrap over the edge. You know, for holding all of your tools and supplies.

The organizer has 35 pockets – 23 on the outside, and 12 on the inside.

Ridgid Bucket Organizer

Additionally, it has a strip of MOLLE loops for attaching clips and accessories.

Ridgid Bucket Organizer Empty

Forget modular tool storage systems, with their impact-resistant construction, dividers, parts cups, and grab handles.

This is… so…

There are tons of reasons not to go with a bucket organizer.

But sometimes all you need is a sewn-together string of ballistic nylon pouches and pockets.

There are like 50 different modular tool storage systems right now, or at least it seems that way, structured tool bags that cost more than many DIYers and apprentices spend on their first kits, and all kinds of fancy tool storage apparatus.

What are your thoughts on this? Or bucket organizers in general?

Are tool organizers like this still relevant, or would you rather go with an open (or closed) tool bag instead?

Price: $45 (bucket not included)

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