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Makita’s Latest Outdoor Adventure Tool BLOWS

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Makita USA excitedly announced their latest innovation on social media – an 18V cordless blower in a “distinctive camo-green color inspired by outdoor environments.”

The Makita Outdoor Adventure blower is perfect for… clearing dust bunnies off pretty clean-looking mountain bikes?

I bought the Makita XGT blower from Japan, as it was less expensive than the USA model and came with more accessories, and it’s indeed a very versatile handheld blower. It’s great for clearing sawdust from nooks and crannies, but I’m not confident it or this 18V version will do much to clean a trail-dirtied mountain bike.

Makita Outdoor Adventure Long Nozzle Cordless Blower

Makita’s Outdoor Adventure line already has a blower, and now you can buy both models in teal or “camo green” colors.

The blower delivers up to 39 CFM of airflow volume and speeds up to 447 MPH.

It features 4 speed controls, a trigger switch, and a lock-on button.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Inflating Beach Ball

As with the XGT and teal 18V models, the Outdoor Adventure can also be used as an inflator or deflator.

Price: $194 for tool-only (ADSA01Z)

From from my experience with the nearly identical 36V model, I’d say these blowers are not well suited for inflation tasks if you need to pump up something larger than a beach ball. But, using the blower as a handheld inflator is still better than having to use lung power.

You can find Makita Outdoor Adventure tools online at select Makita tool dealers. Home Depot and at least one Makita online dealer I checked don’t appear to be carrying any Outdoor Adventure tools. The line of green-colored 18V cordless power tools and accessories first launched in October 2022.

Makita 18V Cordless Blower XSA01Z Kicking up Dust

The teal-colored 18V blower launched earlier this year.