New Milwaukee M18 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

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There is a new Milwaukee M18 cordless oscillating multi-tool kit deal for the 2023 holiday season.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Special Buy 2626-21HO

This new holiday season promo kit features the Milwaukee M18 cordless oscillating multi-tool (2626), a charger, and a High Output 3Ah battery, for the “special buy” price of $129.

This new kit, Milwaukee 2626-21HO, is similar to another special buy deal that first launched for the 2019 holiday season, with the main difference being the upgrade from a 1.5Ah battery to a High Output compact 3Ah battery.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Special Buy 2626-21HO Applications

As you might know, oscillating multi-tools can be used for a wide range of tasks. When equipped with the appropriate accessory, OMTs can be used for sanding, wood-cutting, metal-cutting, scraping, and mild grinding tasks.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Special Buy 2626-21HO Features

This Milwaukee OMT features:

  • Tool-free blade change
  • 11K-18K OPM
  • Variable speed dial with 12 settings
  • On/off switch
  • LED light

It’s 11.9″ long (tool-only) and weighs 2.6 lbs (tool-only).

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Special Buy 2626-21HO Contents

The kit also gives you a small assortment of accessories to get started with – 1 cutting blade, 1 sanding pad, and 5 sanding sheets.

Price: $129

Should You Buy it?

This is Milwaukee’s older brushed motor M18 OMT. That said, it’s a good tool and has a solid reputation.

I’d say this new Milwaukee 2626-21HO kit is a very good value for what you get.

Its 12-setting variable speed dial and on/off switch is helpful for “setting and forgetting” the desired speed, rather than having to hold down a trigger switch.

If you want more power or greater efficiency, you’ll have to step up to Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL model, which features a brushless motor. The M18 FUEL model is considerably more expensive.

There’s also the Milwaukee M12 FUEL oscillating multi-tool, with the single battery tool kit priced at $179 at the time of this posting (via Home Depot).

The M18 FUEL model is more powerful, and the M12 FUEL model is more compact. The brushed motor special buy is a high-value option.

Don’t Forget to Buy Blades

Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades 5pc Assortment 49-25-1135

This 5pc Milwaukee Universal Fit Open-Lok blade set is a “special buy” at $19.88.

Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades 8pc Assortment 49-10-9208W

This new Milwaukee oscillating multi-tool blade assortment (49-10-9208W) looks to be the best buy for users wanting to stick with the same brand. It gives you 8 blades – including a Nitrus Carbide blade – plus a hard case, for $39.88.

  • 1x Nitrus Carbide
  • 3x Titanium Charged Bi-Metal Blades
  • 1x Titanium Charged Wide Bi-Metal Blade
  • 3x Wood Cutting High Carbon Steel Blades
  • 1x Hard Case

Milwaukee advertises the Titanium Charged blades as being suited for multi-material cutting, the high carbon blades for cutting wood, and the Nitrus Carbide for extreme metal cutting.

Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades 10pc Assortment 49-10-9920

There’s also a 20pc special buy right now, 49-10-9920, for $79.97.

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