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New Harbor Freight Jobsite Marker

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Harbor Freight has launched a new jobsite marker that they say is clog-resistant and capable of holding up to the tough demands of construction sites.

It features a fine tip that Harbor Freight says write on dusty, wet, and oily surfaces without clogging.

The marker is said to be optimized for rough surfaces such as OSB, cinderblock, and concrete.

Harbor Freight also says that the cap can be left off for up to 6 days without the marker drying out.

It also features an anti-roll body, pocket clip, and lanyard loop.

Price: $1.99 for a 2-pack
SKU: 70060

Was this designed to hold its own against Sharpie and Milwaukee Inkzall? At first glance, it certainly at least looks the part.

The price is also competitive enough where I’m sure Harbor Freight will sell plenty of them if placed near the checkout counters at stores.

It looks like the markers are only available in-store only.

If you want a marker that’s delivered straight to your door, Home Depot has the Milwaukee Inkzall marker 2-pack for $2.09 with free shipping. Amazon has Sharpie markers for as low as ~$8 for 12, and RevMark markers at $16 for 8.