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MarkerLock Sharpie and Inkzall Marker Holders – Price Drop!

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The MarkerLock looks to be a convenient way to provide quick and easy access to up to 6 permanent markers.


The MarkerLock comes in two sizes – one for use with Milwaukee Inkzall markers, and one for use with standard Sharpie markers.

When this post was first published (March 2022), the price was $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping. At the time of this update (September 2023), the price is $9.99 and eligible for free Prime or $35+ shipping at Amazon.

The idea is simple – the MarkerLock traps the marker caps between two pieces of plastic, allowing users to grab just the market for quick use. When you’re done, place it back in the MarkerLock to cap and dock the marker.

The top has 6 openings, large enough for marker bodies, but not for the caps. You remove the top, thread the markets through the openings from the bottom, and then reattach the top to the base.

You cannot mix and match between brands, as each holder is designed around Inkzall or Sharpie marker body and cap diameters.

Both holders are made from ABS plastic and feature strong magnetic bases. This means that you can place it on flat horizontal surfaces, such as your workbench, or magnetically attach it to vertical surfaces, such as steel tool boxes, steel garage wall cabinets, or (most) refrigerators.

Price: $9.99
COO: Made in USA


This looks like a brilliant idea!

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a similarly-shaped pen holder out of wood, not based on this but inspired by my old toothbrush holder, but I never would have thought of trapping marker caps for one-handed retrieval.

Some of you might complain about the price, but this looks to be an original idea, and it’s made in the USA. If you have the skills and materials, you could always make your own. (If you go the DIY route, I’d be curious to see the results!)