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Stiletto Launched New USA-Made Carpenter Squares

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Stiletto has launched a new line of USA-made carpenter squares, which they say addresses many of the common frustrations that came up during field research.

Stiletto announced two 7″ squares – with and without a bubble level vial – and a 4.5″ trim square, with the tools designed for the needs of carpenters and remodelers. From the looks of it, woodworkers will be pleased with some of the features as well.

The brand says that the 7″ squares are designed with more layout notches to help users build and level faster, and the 4.5″ trim square is designed for precision and accuracy.

Stiletto Carpenter Square Used to Mark Wood

Both 7″ squares feature notches to help with laying out studs, ripping boards, and marking rafter pitches.

Stiletto Carpenter Square Bomber Layout

The “Bomber” cutout is said to allow for repeatable stud measurements of 1-1/2″, 3″, and 4-1/2″, and LVL measurements of 1-3/4″ and 3-1/2″.

Stiletto Carpenter Square Pencil Notch Closeup

All of the squares feature machined construction, an anti-glare hard coat anodized finish, and laser-etched markings.

Stiletto Carpenter Square with Bubble Level Vial

The 7″ carpenter square with level features a replaceable bubble vial in its heel.

Stiletto Tim Square Aligning Table Saw Blade

The Stiletto 4.5″ trim square has additional scribe holes for laying out common angles and ripping boards. It can also be used to set table saw blade heights.

Stiletto Trim Square Bottom Heel Ruler Markings

The heel has 1/4″ and 3/16″ reveals to help with trimming door and window casings. There’s also a ruler on the bottom heel that can be used for setting drill bit heights and other purposes.

Pricing and Availability

Stiletto 4.5″ Trim Square (STSQ4) – $74.99
Stiletto 7″ Carpenter Square (STSQ7) – $84.99
Stiletto 7″ Carpenter Square with Level (STSQ7-L) – $99.99

ETA: October 2023
COO: Made in USA w/ global materials

The squares will be available at Stiletto tool dealers.


Stiletto, a Milwaukee Tool company, emphasizes 3 selling points:

  • More layout notches
  • More durable coating
  • Fully machined for superior accuracy

The 7″ squares look to feature 3-part construction – there’s the triangular plate and the split heel, with everything fastened together with socket cap machine screws. The 4.5″ trim square looks to feature one-piece construction.

Over the past few years, judging from what I’ve seen on social media, a lot of carpenters have expressed interest in fully machined carpentry squares.

If these aren’t for you, there are plenty of other – and less expensive – squares on the market, including from Milwaukee and Empire Level (another Milwaukee Tool company).