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Harbor Freight Icon Pry Bar Looks to be Made in the USA

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A reader tipped us off about what looks to be a new USA-made Harbor Freight Icon pry bar.

This new Icon 58″ pry bar with curved tip clearly says “USA” right on its handle, although the online product listing not talk about this at all.

I reached out to Harbor Freight, asking them to confirm that this new pry bar is made in the USA, and whether additional sizes or styles are planned, but have not yet heard back.

Harbor Freight Icon Made in USA 58-inch Pry Bar

Harbor Freight has been steadily expanding their Icon line of professional mechanics tools, but this would be the first I know of to be labeled as being made in the USA.

They don’t actually say that it’s made in the USA, but “USA” labeling is usually indicative of this. Or rather, I don’t know any tools that are labeled with “USA” that aren’t made here.

Given the $99.99 pricing, it could very well be produced in the USA.

The Icon looks a lot like the Mayhew Dominator Pro 58″ curved pry bar, which can be purchased for ~$96.