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Are Vevor Tools and Machinery any Good?

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I keep coming across Vevor tools online, such as this 7×14 benchtop metal lathe.

The company looks to be very broadly focused brand, as you can see from their Amazon store.

User reviews for Vevor tools and machinery seem to be mixed, but through repetition I’ve started to take a closer look at their products.

Many of Vevor’s metalworking machines look to roll out of the same factory as similarly-sized tools sold at Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Little Machine Shop, and other retailers, but at significantly lower prices. Are they worth it?

Yes, I know – I’m supposed to be the one answering that question, but I have largely ignored the brand. They’ve emailed me a couple of times before, offering products for review opportunities, but so far I haven’t responded.

It’s getting difficult to ignore them, however, given how often I now see the tools on Amazon or being promoted on YouTube and social media.

As an aside, it always bugs me when a company emails me with a generic email address, such as “[email protected].” I always like to know who I’m communicating with.

I’m curious about Vevor tools in the same way as with other more value-centric brands, such as Wen and Grizzly, but not enough to factor the brand into any of my purchasing decisions.

I asked a similar question about Wen – What About Wen Tools? – and have heard good feedback about them over the years. Vevor reminds me of Wen and Grizzly, but with a less curated approach.

To me, it seems that if Vevor can find a supplier, they put their name on it, allowing them to rise above other lesser-known brands doing more or less the same thing.

Vevor had a heavy presence on Amazon, and I’ve also seen their products on Home Depot’s website.

Their slogan is “tough tools, half price” in some places, and “tough equipment, lowest prices” in others.

Have you had any experiences with Vevor tools, good or bad?