Dewalt, Craftsman, Stanley Fiberglass Hammers

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Stanley Black & Decker and the US CPSC have issued a recall for 2.2 million Dewalt, Craftsman, and Stanley fiberglass hammers and sledgehammers.

According to the recall notice, the head of affected hammers can loosen and prematurely detach, posing an impact injury hazard.

The recall affects sledgehammers and mini sledgehammer-type hammers, such as drilling and engineer hammers.

Craftsman Fiberglass Hammer Recall

Here is a list of all of the affected models:

Recalled Dewalt Hammers

  • DWHT56141 – 2lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56142 – 3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56143 – 2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56146 – 2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56147 – 4lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56148 – 4lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56024 – 4lb Drilling Sledgehammer – hollow handle
  • DWHT56025 – 4lb BS Sledgehammer – hollow handle
  • DWHT56026 – 4lb ENG Sledgehammer – hollow handle
  • DWHT56027 – 6lb Sledgehammer – hollow handle
  • DWHT56029 – 10lb Sledge 36″Hammer – hollow handle
  • DWHT56030 – 12lb Sledgehammer – hollow handle

Recalled Craftsman Hammers

  • CMHT54163 – 4 LB Engineering Hammer
  • CMHT56006 – 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • CMHT56011 – 8 LB Sledgehammer
  • CMHT56019 – 10 LB Sledgehammer

Recalled Stanley Hammers

  • FMHT51297 – 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT51298 – 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT51308 – 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56006 – 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56008 – 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT56009 – 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT56010 – 6 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56011 – 8 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56019 – 10 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer

Recall Details and Remedy

There have been 192 reports of hammer or sledgehammer heads detaching from their handles, with 2 injuries reported.

These hammers were sold from November 2013 thru November 2022 at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, hardware stores nationwide, and online retailers such as Amazon.

Users should stop using the recalled sledgehammers and contact Stanley Black & Decker for a full refund.

Learn More: Recall 23-183 via US CPSC
Learn More: Stanley Black & Decker Recall Page

To request a refund, complete the form at Dewalt, Craftsman, or Stanley websites, or call them toll-free at 855-418-3032 from 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday.

The refund process requires a photo of your hammer with “RECALLED” written across it in permanent marker. If you cannot do this, you can ship the tool back to them with a prepaid label. See the recall forms for more details.

Thank you Fred for the heads-up!

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