Irwin has a New Demolition Hammer

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Here’s a new 24oz demolition framing hammer from Irwin (model IWHT51024), featuring a rip claw and hook for straightening 2x lumber.

The hammer is also described as having “a larger strike face” for demolition tasks and “breaking through drywall.”

Irwin Demo Hammer IWHT51024 Side View

The Irwin demo hammer features one-piece construction, as well as a streamlined head and shaft profile for “improved efficiency and lightweight feel.”

Irwin Demo Hammer IWHT51024

The built-in board claw can grab 2x construction lumber for straightening, bending, or repositioning.

Irwin Demo Hammer IWHT51024 Features

The hammer also has a side nail puller, magnetic nail starter, and finger rest. Irwin says the handle is built to reduce vibrations.

Price: $24-28

Dewalt Demo Hammer DWHT51008

Curiously, the Irwin demo hammer is appreciably less expensive than the Dewalt 22oz demo hammer, DWHT51008, which sells for $36 at Home Depot.

Irwin and Dewalt are both Stanley Black & Decker tool brands.

Irwin and Dewalt Demolition Hammers
Irwin and Dewalt Demo Hammers, Not to Scale

The Irwin is a 24 oz hammer, and the Dewalt ToughSeries is 22oz.

Aside from the slightly different head designs, there could be a difference in length (these specs are not disclosed in the product descriptions).

If the construction quality is similar, I wonder what advantages, if any, might be presented by the more expensive Dewalt.

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