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Tesla + Milwaukee MX FUEL Work Truck

After an extended development cycle, Tesla announced today that it has partnered with Milwaukee Tool to create a new work truck that runs on MX FUEL batteries. Tesla plans to market the Milwaukee-branded MX-1500 electric vehicle to contractors, tradespeople, and other professionals who need a reliable and durable work truck.

How the Tesla + Milwaukee MX FUEL Work Truck Came About

According to someone close to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the partnership came about after he personally tested Milwaukee’s batteries. Impressed with their performance, Elon decided to take a closer look at the potential of the MX FUEL line.

“Apparently, Elon was using a Milwaukee core drill to run power cables for his personal spaceship and thought, ‘Hey, these batteries are pretty good. Why not put them in a truck?’” an unnamed executive for Tesla told us. “He then called up Milwaukee and they thought it was a pretty great idea.” The move gives Tesla a new source for truck batteries, leaving more cells for projects like the Tesla Semi.

Features and Highlights

The new Tesla MX-1500 work truck comes equipped with a combination of the latest Tesla and Milwaukee MX FUEL technologies. That includes autopilot, a massive touchscreen display, AutoStop, and a built-in coffee maker.

But the real stars of the show are Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries, which Tesla claims provide unparalleled power and longevity. You can also pull over and swap them out for new packs to extend your range. In fact, the MX-1500 work truck has a “frunk” that stores an additional 40 packs. Of course, the batteries also work with Milwaukee MX FUEL equipment. That means workers can easily swap out dead batteries for fresh ones while on the job.

“We know that professionals need a work truck that they can rely on day in and day out. That’s exactly what the Tesla MX-1500 delivers,” the anonymous source said.

What’s Next for the Milwaukee MX-1500

The announcement has already generated buzz in the construction and trades industries, with many workers excited about the prospect of a Tesla work truck that runs on Milwaukee batteries.

“I’ve been using Milwaukee tools and equipment for years. They’re some of the best out there,” said Mark Wonce, a carpenter from Chicago. “If they can make a work truck that’s half as good as their drills, I’ll be first in line to buy one.”

The Tesla MX-1500 is set to hit the market April 1, 2023 with a retail price of $62,500. For more info click here.