Another Ryobi Link System Expansion – Cabinet, Shelves, Tool Bags

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Ryobi has announced yet another series of product expansions for their Link system of garage and mobile tool storage products.

Less than a year ago, Home Depot stores put the first wave of Ryobi Link system products on clearance. Was that the end of the new product line? I received a call from Ryobi management early on a Saturday assuring me that they had big plans for the Link system.

Ryobi announced their 2023 product expansion plans several months ago, including new tool boxes with drawers, organizers, a rolling cart, and a vertical tip-out parts organizer. Those products have not yet launched yet – they’re expected in “early 2023,” but here we are with the next series of announcements.

To sum it up, the Ryobi Link system is getting a new steel wall cabinet, wall-mounted shelves, a cooler, and tool bags, which are all expected to launch in Summer 2023.

It seems that Ryobi is very serious about this product line.

Ryobi Link Wall Mounted Cabinet (STM405)

Ryobi Link Wall Cabinet Mounted

I am surprised to see that there will be a new wall-mounted steel cabinet. It’s made from 21 gauge steel for the body, and has a weight limit of 200 lbs when directly mounted to wood studs. When mounted to Ryobi Link wall rails, the max load is 120 lbs

Ryobi Link Wall Cabinet Example Contents

The cabinet features an adjustable shelf, integrated power cord access, magnetic door closure, and secure locking point for an optional padlock or similar.

Ryobi Link Wall Cabinet Inner Mounting

Here’s a look inside the cabinet, showing how it mounts to Ryobi Link wall rails.

Assembly is required.

Specs: 26″ x 24″ x 13″

Price: $169

Ryobi Link Modular Shelving Bracket (STM460)

Ryobi Link Wall Shelves

At the heart of the new shelving system is a new Link rail-compatible bracket.

The shelving brackets can support 25 pounds each, and allow for continuous shelving runs, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Ryobi Link Shelf Bracket with Material Retaining Tab

The brackets have a material retention tab, which can be used to keep things in place.

Ryobi Link Shelf Bracket with Material Retaining Tab Holding Pipes

For instance, it allows for PVC, dowels, and rods to be stored without rolling off.

Ryobi Link Shelf Bracket Holding Lumber

Ryobi also shows brackets holding short lengths of lumber.

Price: $11.97 each

Ryobi Link 21-inch Solid Shelf (STM461)

Ryobi Link Solid Shelf in Use

The shelving system is modular. Add a pair of shelving brackets and this 21″ solid shelf, and you have a flat storage solution that can support up to 50 pounds.

As mentioned, the shelves can be connected side by side in a seamlessly modular manner. One shelf requires two brackets, and two shelves require three. This is appears to be why the shelf brackets are sold individually rather than in pairs.

Ryobi Link Solid Shelf

Ryobi says the solid shelf features a drip tray to catch any spills or messes. The shelf is raised above the Link system cleats, allowing the space underneath to accommodate hooks or other accessories.

Dimensions: 21.5″ x 12″ x 1.2″

Price: $19.97

Ryobi Link 21-inch Wire Shelf (STM462)

Ryobi Link Wire Shelf in Use

A wire shelf is also available, each with a 50 pound weight capacity.

The wire form provides added ventilation, and like the solid shelf it allows for hook access underneath.

Ryobi Link Wire Shelf

The wire shelves can also be positioned side by side in a seamless manner with the use of the same shelving brackets.

Dimensions: 21″ x 12″ x 1″

Price: $14.97

Ryobi Link 17-inch Soft Sided Cooler (STM604)

Ryobi Link Soft Cooler

The new Ryobi cooler features 24 can capacity and 24 hour ice retention. There are 3 exterior pockets, an insulated lid pocket, padded shoulder strap, and sweat-proof design.

It can be stacked on top of Ryobi Link tool boxes and mobile storage products.

Price: $59.97

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Bag (STM601)

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Bag Filled

In addition to the cooler, Ryobi will be launching two new Link system tool bags that all connect to the tops of Link mobile storage products, such as their tool boxes.

The 17″ tool bag features a 60 pound load rating and has 39 pockets for efficient organization. Its pockets are made from a 1680D material.

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Bag

There’s a hard side pocket for greater protection, an adjustable divider, integrated level straps, and tape measure clip.

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Bag Wide Mouth Opening

The U-shaped zippered opening allows for maximized storage capacity and user convenience.

From the product images, the internal divider has a looped handle and can be removed, allowing users to “grab and go” just a couple of tools if needed.

Price: $74.97

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Tote Bag (STM602)

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Tote Filled and on Tool Box

The tool tote is similar to the tool bag, but with an open top compartment.

As with the tool bag and cooler, the tool tote bag is 17″ deep and can be connected to the tops of Ryobi Link tool boxes and other mobile storage products. Two can be connected side by side, just don’t stuff the side pockets too much.

Ryobi Link 17-inch Tool Tote

The Ryobi Link tool tote bag has a 60 pound weight capacity, 42 pockets, a hard side pocket with added protection, level straps, tape measure clip, and large pivoting handle. A padded shoulder strap is included.

Price: $74.97

Pricing and Availability

Ryobi Link tool storage products are available exclusively at Home Depot.

Following is a list of all of the new products and their list pricing. Ryobi says the tools will be launching in Summer 2023.

  • Wall Mounted Cabinet (STM405) – $169
  • Modular Shelving Bracket (STM460) – $11.97 each
  • 21-inch Solid Shelf (STM461) – $19.97
  • 21-inch Wire Shelf (STM462) – $14.97
  • 17-inch Soft Sided Cooler (STM604) – $59.97
  • 17-inch Tool Bag (STM601) – $74.97
  • 17-inch Tool Tote Bag (STM602) – $74.97

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