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Cub Cadet to Combat Winter Blues with Hilarious “Essence de Lawn”

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Cub Cadet, a Stanley Black & Decker brand, made me smile today with a hilarious marketing campaign.

The email starts off with the subject: Grass lovers, meet the perfect V-Day gift.

For those who love nothing more than perfecting their lawn in the hot summer sun, winter doldrums can be overwhelming.

That’s why Cub Cadet—makers of high-performance outdoor power equipment—is introducing Essence de Lawn by Cub Cadet, a limited-edition kit of self-care items infused with fresh-cut grass scent. The kits are dropping just in time for Valentine’s Day…and yet another Arctic blast.

I’m sorry – what? Essence de Lawn? Fresh-cut grass scent?

Oh, yes. Here’s what the kit comes with:

Reed Diffuser: Bask in backyard bliss all day long. Simply place the reeds in customized solution to turn any indoor space into an outdoor oasis.

Therapeutic Candle: Put spring in the air with the scent of a freshly mowed lawn. Listen closely to hear the crackle of a family bonfire or neighborhood barbeque.

Aromatic Mist: Keep the smell of a perfectly mowed backyard a simple spritz away by applying to any room, linen or clothing.


Cub Cadet’s website piles it on thicker:

Inspired by the finest grass clippings in all the land.

Only Cub Cadet machines can deliver the superior cut quality necessary for our fresh-cut grass extract.

From the Signature Cut™ Series to the almighty Ultima, our mowers are designed to leave behind nothing but finely cut clippings and pristine stripes.

Ah, I see the mower tie-in now.

We bottled the smell of post-mow perfection and turned it into a self-care kit that ignites your senses and your lawn-loving soul.

I have to give the Cub Cadet team props – the marketing copy is so masterfully crafted that I can’t tell if this is 100% satire, 100% serious, or the perfect mix of both.

There’s even a video!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let your lawn love go dormant. Introducing Essence de Lawn by Cub Cadet. Infused with fresh-cut grass extract. Designed for those who love to lawn.

Here’s the background story, courtesy of the press release:

“Essence de Lawn is inspired by our Cub Cadet fans who have a love for their lawns,” said Siana Calanni, Cub Cadet Brand Manager. “For them, being outdoors and perfecting their yard isn’t a chore—it’s a labor of love. Cub Cadet created these limited-edition scented products to evoke the spirit of spring. This type of sensorial brand experience is a first for us, but a fun way to engage our fans during the winter months.”

A lot of people who love the smell of fresh-cut grass. I’m curious as to how closely Cub Cadet was able to capture the scent.

You cannot buy Cub Cadet’s Essence de Lawn kit – it is exclusively available via giveaway.

The giveaway period is from 1/25 thru 2/13, 2022. See their website for entry details.

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