Wood Stud Tool Storage System

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I was surprised to learn that 2x4basics makes a tool storage system that works with wood studs.

You might have already seen 2x4basics’s workbench system, which I posted about 10 years ago to the day.


The 2x4basics stud track storage system is similar to their workbench system, in how it gives you a collection of plastic brackets that work with standard wood studs.


The storage system comes with 2 mounting brackets and 6 universal hooks.

2x4basics intends for the mounting to brackets to go at the end of a wood stud, but I don’t seen any reason why multiple kits couldn’t be connected together.

It looks like the hooks can be spaced apart or repositioned as needed.

And, with 2×4 wood studs being what they are, you could also fix other accessories where you might need them.

Unlike their workbench components, 2x4basics doesn’t seem to provide any load ratings or recommendations for their wall-mounted storage accessories.

2x4basics says that the components are made from “heavy gauge structural polyresin.” Still, it would be best to consider this a lightweight accessory system. Or, perhaps come up with a more robust wall-mounting solution and only use the hooks.

Price: $24.49

Note: 2x4basics kits do NOT come with any wood – they only include the plastic components.

This is another option for storing garden tools and shop equipment such as air hoses or extension cords. While it doesn’t look to be ideal for my needs, it could be a versatile match for your or others’ tool storage needs or wants.

I don’t like that there’s no published load ratings for the hooks or mounting brackets. But, I can envision users skipping the end brackets and using the 2x4basics hooks with 3rd party accessories mounted to the same stud. In that case, perhaps the 2×4 being used can be mounted to wall studs (or block wall) with small blocks of wood as spacers.

2x4basics’ products provide easy-to-assemble solutions that don’t require users to have to figure much out. Still, maybe just a little improvisation keeps things simple but with expanded possibilities beyond just the included hooks.

DIY mounting improvisations might not even be needed, but it’s hard to say without official load ratings.

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