EGO 56V Cordless 10,000-Lumen Area Light | New for 2022

EGO 56V Cordless Area Light Illuminates Your Life With Unique Design

The EGO 56V cordless area light takes the popular lawn care brand into the lighting sector for the first time. This isn’t some dinky flashlight, though. EGO came out hitting on all cylinders with a ton of output and a design that’s different from what we’ve seen before.

EGO 56V Cordless Area Light | The Big Deal

Many brands take a few baby steps when they enter the lighting category. EGO… not so much. With 10,000 lumens of LED light available, they’re going big right out of the gate. One of the things we really love about the design is EGO’s use of diffusers to soften the light. While they limit the throw distance some, it makes it much easier on your eyes when the lights are in your field of vision.

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