Do You Have a Favorite Unboxing Knife?

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Do you have an unboxing knife? Maybe a go-to folding knife, utility knife, or junk drawer knife that comes out whenever it’s time to bust open your new tools, supplies, equipment, or boxed-up gear?

I’m not talking about the gaudy types of knives YouTubers tend to prefer for their unboxing needs. Only on YouTube or social media will someone “need” an 8-inch hunting blade to open an Amazon box or to cut through a single layer of plastic shrink wrapping.

Me? I tend to use a utility knife with Milwaukee’s carton-style blades (50 for $17 at Home Depot). These standard-style utility knife blades have a blunt-nose tip, which helps to limit the risk of product damage if you cut into a box too deeply.

I have also used a Spyderco Tenacious ($53 at Amazon) folding knife for a couple of years. I ordered one 10 years back (and for a lot less money than it’s currently selling for), when I was first exploring Spyderco’s lineup.

I eventually determined the Tenacious to be a bit too large for me to comfortably carry, but it worked great for opening boxes and on packaging materials.

The reason I ask is because I have a couple of different package-opener, tape-breaker, and carboard-slicing tools, but I find myself reaching for basic multi-purpose knives and tools far more often.

Embarrassingly, I have also used scissors in a pinch.

Sometimes I unbox a package and then break down the cardboard right then and there, so why grab 2 tools when I can use just 1?

I keep wanting to like safety cutters, but every single one that I’ve tried tends to add extra steps to my process.

Next up, I’ll be trying the Pacific Handy Cutter ($2 at Amazon). Breaking down boxes will still require a utility knife, but maybe this will be convenient to keep in the workshop or near the front door, saving me from having to retrieve a utility knife for quick unboxing tasks.

I would have purchased Milwaukee’s safety cutter, but it doesn’t seem to be in stock at my usual suppliers.

So – what’s your go-to tool or knife for unboxing purposes?

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