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RIDGID Pipe Wrench – a Tool You Can Count on

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Ridgid says this about their USA-made pipe wrenches:

Count on RIDGID pipe wrenches to get you through the toughest jobs on any pipe size.

Are they right? Can you count on RIDGID’s pipe wrenches?

When water (or worse) is spraying into the air…

When you need a repair completed ASAP…

When you need a tool you can trust to get the job done…

Is RIDGID the brand of pipe wrench you want in your hands? Everything I have ever experienced and heard about the company says YES.

RIDGID is *the* name in pipe wrenches, with different sizes and styles to suit every need or application.

Thank you RIDGID for being a ToolGuyd sponsor, and for providing a shiny new USA-made 14″ pipe wrench for this story!

Older Ridgid USA Made Pipe Wrenches

Shown here are my grandfather’s RIDGID pipe wrenches.

I was going to clean them up and restore them, but I just didn’t have the heart to do so. They’re not dirty, they have character, and I don’t want to scrub any of that away.

And, they still work quite well. I would have thought the threads would need some attention, but they’re still smooth to adjust.

I tried to save money a long time ago, when I purchased a cheap pipe wrench. These RIDGID wrenches, with decades of use and grime, work better than that cheap pipe wrench did on Day 1.

I don’t know what my grandfather used his pipe wrenches for, but their wear and scarring tell a story.

I asked my mother if she knew how my grandfather used these wrenches, and she simply said “he used them for everything.” My grandfather was a baker, among other things, and from what I’m told he liked to install and maintain his equipment – both at the bakery and at home.

My grandfather wasn’t really a tool person, or at least not as I knew him, but he was certainly a results person.

New and Old Ridgid Pipe Wrenches

RIDGID sent over a 14″ heavy-duty straight pipe wrench to complement the 18″ wrenches I inherited.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised at how little RIDGID’s pipe wrenches have changed over the years, but why mess with perfection?

I cannot remember when I first learned of RIDGID as the de-facto pipe wrench brand. But even if I erased all of my experiences with the brand and their tools, and everything I have heard about their products, their pipe wrenches will always prove their mettle and speak for themselves.

With RIDGID pipe wrenches, they DO “make them like they used to.”

Tell me about your RIDGID pipe wrench experiences!

Would you agree that this is a brand and tool you can count on?

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