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Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tools & Watches – Save 45%

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Leatherman has slashed the price on their Tread multi-tool bracelets and related accessories by 45%.

With this special sales or clearance event, you can save 45% on anything Tread-related – the full bracelets, individual links, and even the Tread watches with Swiss-made movements.

One of the big selling points about the Tread is that it’s travel friendly – partly because there’s no knife.

Is the Leatherman Tread awkward to use at times? Absolutely. Is it heavy enough to make its presence felt on your wrist? Definitely. But despite this, is it useful? Yes, it certainly can be.

This is have it on you in case you need it and make a fashion statement at the same time type of multi-tool.

Leatherman added a “Final Sale” clause to the new “special offer.” Does this mean that the Tread is on clearance and soon to be gone forever, or is the like being revamped with a new model?

The multi-tool bracelets shown above are priced at $82.47. If you’ve dreamt of picking one up, this might be the time to either break open your piggy bank or strike the Tread from your wishlist.

The biggest question to ask yourself about the Tread isn’t about whether you’d use it, but whether you’d wear it. Without pliers or a knife, it’s mainly going to be used for fastening tasks.

Leatherman Tread Watches 2021

Personally, I think the watches are more appealing, and with this sales (or clearance) event, their prices are brought down from $400 to $220. I can’t recall the last time I wore my Tread bracelet multi-tool samples, but if one of the Leatherman watches suddenly came into my possession, I’d be very likely to wear it.

Do you think that the Tread bracelets or Tempo watches might be make for great gifts?

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