Knipex CutiX Universal Snap Knife

Knipex CutiX Snap Knife Cuts with Precision, Without Bending or Breaking

Snap-off blades are great for their utility. When your sharp edge dulls out, you simply snap off the tip to reveal a new, sharp edge. However, because the design of the blade, you have to be careful with the pressure you apply while cutting for fear of bending and inadvertently snapping your blade. But, Knipex has come up with a solution for this problem with the CutiX Snap Knife.

What Is Knipex Saying About the CutiX Snap Knife?

The CutiX is designed to be a quick, precise and user-friendly universal snap knife. The stabilization bar keeps the blade from bending, which allows users to make quick and precise cuts in seconds.

Peter A. Grable, senior product manager, KNIPEX Tools

What’s the Big Deal?

The Knipex CutiX Snap Knife features an extendable stabilization bar that you can engage or retract based on your application. This allows you to apply more pressure directly on the blade without any fear of breakage. Plus, because the support bar exists on a different slide than the blade, you can set it independently. For added security, the CutiX also features a hardened steel pin to help hold the blade in place.

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