Black Friday Savings on Bosch and Diablo Jig Saw Blades

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Over at Amazon, they have a Bosch 10pc set of jig saw blades on sale as part of their early Black Friday tool deals.

This set is also eligible for additional $20 off $100+ savings.

Price: $9.98

Buy Now via Amazon

Diablo also has a deal on jig saw blades.

Diablo Jig Saw Blade Assortment DJT12SP

Over at Home Depot, this Diablo 12pc set is priced at $12.88.

Price: $12.88 with free shipping (no minimum)

Buy Now via Home Depot

These are both great deals – 10 for $10 or 12 for ~$13. The catch is that both sets are made in Switzerland, and presumably at the same factory since Diablo is owned by Bosch.

The assortments are a little different in what you get.

These will definitely see use, and I like that the plastic case will keep things tidy, compared to my usual jumble of loose jig saw blades and blade packs.

Bosch Set Contents

  • 2x Speed for Wood
  • 2x Clean for Wood
  • 2x Basic for Wood (for curved cuts)
  • 2x Basic for Metal (higher TPI for thin metal)
  • 2x Basic for Metal (lower TPI for thicker metal)

Diablo Set Contents

  • 1x Reverse Teeth for Soft Wood
  • 3x Fast Clean Cuts in Soft Wood
  • 1x Fine Finish Cuts in Soft Wood
  • 3x General Purpose (Wood with Nails, Metal)
  • 2x for Thin/Medium Metals
  • 2x for Thick Metals

A pack of the Diablo general purpose blades is $13 for 5 at Amazon, and this assortment gives you 3 of them. I checked a couple of other sizes and they were comparably priced.

It’s easy to get carried away. I mean, Amazon also has a Diablo 20pc blade set for $20. I think it’s best to have one assortment, and then buy whatever you use most often in 5-packs.

I think that the Bosch deal is a slightly better buy, since the cost is lower per blade, but I’m happy with my Diablo purchase since I think the general purpose blades will see some use. I haven’t used a blade like this before – I generally use wood blades, metal blades, or specialty blades. The general purpose “wood with nails” type of durability might be convenient when cutting through different types of materials.

Which should you buy? Both! I went with the Diablo, and probably still would if given the choice at the same time.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the quality should be comparable, and so the choice comes down to which assortment you think will be more handy.

I tried to do some math to see how good a value these sets are, but got lost in it. They’re both good values. Pick up a pack if you need some new jig saw blades.

Buy Bosch Set via Amazon
Buy Diablo Set via Home Depot

Are there any other jig saw blade promos? These are the only two that I’ve come across so far. To be honest, I also didn’t look very far as Bosch is my go-to for jig saw blades. This is my first time buying Diablo jig saw blades, but they’ve also only really been out for about a year.

You could potentially save more on the Bosch set, as it’s eligible for $20 off $100+ Bosch promo savings, but I wouldn’t pad an order by $90 to do so.

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