Dewalt Organizer Sale – $10 at Home Depot

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Dewalt’s popular 10 compartment organizer, model DWST14825, is back for the 2021 holiday shopping season. This is a once-a-year type of deal that’s usually available for a couple of weeks or as supplies last.

Aaron (thank you!) wrote in with a heads-up:

It’s not the typical stuff I go for, but these were on sale last holiday and were out of stock before I got there. I think my store just got the one shipment for all season and they hit the floor this morning. At $10 with cups that interchange with Tstak these are a pretty great way to fill up a workshop.

This Dewalt organizer deal is typically advertised in Home Depot’s Black Friday sales flyer, and it went on sale at the start of November last year.

Right now, the organizer can only be purchased online for in-store pickup or express delivery. I just came back from my local Home Depot, and the organizers were not on display yet, and so online ordering with in-store pickup might be a good option. Aaron mentioned seeing these at his store, and so “your miles might vary.”

A regular (and free) shipping option was activated mid-November last year, but there’s no telling if that will happen again this year. Check back if that’s the purchase option you prefer, and I’ll keep an eye on it from my end as well.

Dewalt Organizer Removable Cups

I bought a couple of these Dewalt organizers last year, and I’ve been quite pleased with them. This isn’t my preferred style of clear-lid organizer, but I’ve been using these for less critical storage needs where I couldn’t justify pricier alternatives.

These organizers have removable bins, fixed handles, metal latches, and they can stack and latch together. The lid also has grooves that help to keep the contents in place.

At the time of this posting, there is a limit 1 per order notice.

Price: $9.98

Buy Now via Home Depot
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Here’s another Dewalt organizer you might like:

5 Reasons to Buy this Dewalt ToughCase Parts Organizer

Dewalt’s ToughCase parts organizer doesn’t go on sale (at least not that I’ve seen), but is still a great buy.

Here’s a link to last year’s discussion.

Dewalt Organizer on Sale for $10 (Home Depot Black Friday 2020)

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