Next-Gen Dewalt POWERSTACK Cordless Power Tool Battery

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Dewalt has officially announced their new 20V Max POWERSTACK cordless power tool battery pack (DCBP034), making them “the world’s first major power tool brand to use pouch cell batteries designed for the construction industry.”

That’s right, Dewalt PowerStack battery pack uses pouch cell batteries, and not the cylindrical form factor Li-ion cells that traditionally used in traditional cordless power tool battery packs.

Dewalt PowerStack Cordless Power Tool Battery

Dewalt says that PowerStack will help to further realize the full potential of the cordless jobsite of the future.

Dewalt PowerStack Battery with Brushless Impact Driver

The Dewalt PowerStack battery will be fully compatible with ALL Dewalt 20V Max tools and chargers.

Dewalt PowerStack Battery with Brushless Band Saw

Application imagery shows the new PowerStack battery being used in compact tools where smaller size and lighter weight are a priority, such as with their Atomic series of cordless power tools.

Dewalt PowerStack Cordless Power Tool Battery Weight Benefit

The new DCBP034 PowerStack battery is said to weigh 15% less than their compact 2.0Ah battery (DCB203).

Dewalt PowerStack Cordless Power Tool Battery Power Benefit

Compared to the compact 20V Max 2.0Ah battery, the new PowerStack battery can also deliver 50% more power.

Dewalt PowerStack Cordless Power Tool Battery Size Benefit

On top of all that, the new PowerStack battery is also 25% more compact than their 2.0Ah battery pack.

That’s not all. Dewalt says that their PowerStack battery will deliver twice the lifespan, with respect to charging cycles, compared to their compact battery.

Dewalt PowerStack Cordless Power Tool Battery Fuel Gauge

The battery will feature an LED fuel gauge and durable non-marring overmold, for impact resistance and to help protect finished surfaced.

Dewalt says that their new battery is ideal for cutting, drilling, and fastening applications, precision and finishing tasks, and when working in tight spaces.

Okay, so let’s recap. Compared to their compact battery pack, the new PowerStack battery can deliver more power in a lighter, smaller, and longer-lasting package.

Dewalt says that their PowerStack 20V Max battery is:

A next-generation technological breakthrough that marks a new era of performance for Dewalt cordless power tools.

ETA: December 2021 (North America)

This is a developing story with more details to come. In the meantime, are you excited? What questions do you have about this new battery tech?

Here’s their teaser video:

Dewalt PowerStack Questions and Answers

What is the charge capacity? The new Dewalt PowerStack battery (DCBP034) will have a 1.7Ah charge capacity.

What tools can be used with PowerStack? Dewalt designed the PowerStack battery to optimize their more compact 20V Max tools – 2-speed drills, impact drivers, compact circular saw, brushless router, compact band saw, compact rotary hammer, oscillating multi-tools, and other such tools.

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