Everyone Keeps Recommending Wera Chiseldriver Screwdrivers

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Shown here is a typical Wera Chiseldriver screwdriver, a style of tough-use screwdriver that has been regularly recommended to me over the years.

I’ve been using Wera screwdrivers for a very long time now, and I’m fairly fond of the handle shape, their durability, and how they engage with screws.

No, they’re not my favorite screwdrivers, but I use them often and am glad to do so.

Wera Chiseldrivers kick things up a notch, with an impact end cap (for striking with a hammer), and “pound-thru” blade. In other words, the metal end cap is connected directly to the screwdriver shaft, so that any impact force is directly transmitted to the screw, fastener, or whatever it is you’re pounding the screwdriver into.

Wera Chiseldrivers have hex bolsters, as well as hexagonal-shaped shafts, for use with wrenches if higher torque is needed.

Basically, these screwdrivers are ALL demolition-style overbuilt screwdrivers designed and built for hard use.

I can see why they’re popular and so often recommended to me.

But, while I’m sold on the design, are they right *for me*? I like demo drivers and I like Wera Kraftform screwdrivers, and so I should already own a set of these screwdrivers, right? Well… I’ve been hesitating.

I’m so used to the idea of separate demo drivers that can be abused, and regular screwdrivers that I’m usually easier on. Can a hard-use screwdriver also be used on pristine fasteners? Sure. So why do I hesitate? Is it the price?

I can get a pair of demo-style screwdrivers and a 6pc set of Wera Kraftform screwdrivers for less than the price of a 6pc Chiseldriver set.

I don’t think that’s my main hesitation – I think that I’m really just set in my ways of using separate everyday use and demo screwdrivers. That way I don’t have to worry about my favorite everyday screwdrivers wearing out prematurely, or picking up scars that could impact light duty types of fastening tasks.

Maybe I’ll finally give in and pick up a set of these heavy duty screwdrivers if I come across compelling enough sale pricing during the upcoming winter holiday shopping season. I’ve been surprised by tools I felt reluctant or indifferent towards before, and in this case I’m already familiar with the handle ergonomics.

Wera offers Chiseldrivers individually as well as in several set configurations. The one I’ve had in my wishlist for a long time now is currently out of stock on Amazon, but there are a couple of other options available.

Buy Now via Amazon
Buy Now via KC Tool

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If shopping for these Wera screwdrivers, the yellow-orange color scheme seems to be reserved for full-size Chiseldriver screwdrivers, but a similar color is is used with their ESD (electrostatic discharge-safe) bit holders and precision screwdrivers.

Raise your hand if you’re in the Wera Chiseldriver fan club. Has anyone ever used these screwdrivers and not been a fan?

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