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Have You Ever Used MichaelPro Tools Before?

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Over on Instagram, a rep for MichaelPro Tools reached out, and I wanted to see if any ToolGuyd readers have had any experiences with the brand.

I’ve seen their tools a couple of times, mainly on Amazon, but also in Instagram and YouTube reviews and endorsements.

Speaking candidly, I wrote the brand off as another generic rebranding effort on Amazon. I asked the brand rep if they could convince me otherwise, but haven’t heard back yet.

There are so many new tool brands these days, each with their own schtick. What’s MichaelPro’s?

Michael Pro Tools Wrench Set

Quite a few MichaelPro tools look familiar, such as their “twisted” wrenches.

MichaelPro Ferrari Wrench Ad

Their T-handle wrench looks to be popular, and so I took a closer look.

Michael Pro Tools T-Handle Wrench Set

The MichaelPro T-handle wrenches are said to feature a “unique patented design.”

Craftsman Mach Series T-Handle Driver

While I can appreciate the appeal of this design, it’s not exactly new – the nearly identical Craftsman Mach Series T-Handle Bit & Socket Driver set came out in November 2014.

Do you see what I mean? Some of this brand’s tools are distinctly familiar.

That’s not exactly a bad thing, if MichaelPro Tools draws upon tried-and-true tool designs. But what’s special about this company? Why should tool users give them their money and business over other brands?

So, I figured now would be a good time to ask for your opinions. Maybe what you’ve seen, heard, or experienced can shed some light on this new tool brand.

Shop MichaelPro via Amazon

Many of MichaelPro’s tools are said to be made in Taiwan.

As to whether the MichaelPro brand is new, this is what it says on their corporate page:

MichaelPro is a brand from Shinnfu Corporation. The Corporation founded by Michael Hung in 1971 is one of the largest manufacturers of professional tools, gear, and equipment, serving the industrial, automotive, construction, mining, and serious DIY markets.

MichaelPro is Michael’s tools collection for professionals. MichaelPro’s products are designed with a long life and great value in mind. Our mission is to be the auto enthusiasts, master mechanics, and industrial users’ trust.

Shinnfu America (SFA) seems to be the North American subsidiary. Shinnfu owns a couple of other automotive tool and equipment brands:

  • Omega-Lift
  • Pro-Lift
  • Hein-Werner
  • Porto Power
  • Bone (Creepers)

These are not exactly new brands. So while MichaelPro seems to be a new boutique tool brand, their parent company is not exactly new to the industry.

MichaelPro’s marketing approach seems to be geared towards social media, which is a big turn-off for me, but maybe the brand has potential. We’ll see.

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