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Crescent NailSlicer, FineCut, and SteelSlicer Blades Cut to the Chase

Pros need their circular saw blades to be strong, sharp, reliable, and efficient. But, according to Crescent, plenty of trade professionals will settle for imprecise blades that wear down quickly or warp under extreme use. Crescent NailSlicer, FineCut, and SteelSlicer Circular Saw Blades are designed for a variety of specific uses we outline below.

What is Crescent Saying About the Precision Circular Saw Blades?

It’s surprising how often professionals in the trades who have such high expectations for themselves just put up with inferior saw blades that break or lose their edge far too soon. We took it as a challenge, and our new blades deliver in every way they didn’t think possible.

Trevor Brazell, Product Manager

Crescent offers 57 Circular Saw Blades over 10 different categories, including framing, finishing, metal, demolition, and more. Of particular interest are the Crescent NailSlicer, FineCut, and SteelSlicer Circular Saw Blades.

Crescent NailSlicer Framing Blades

The Crescent NailSlicer Framing Blades are designed for framers, general contractors and construction workers, residential builders, and more. They feature the High Impact carbide teeth and Active Shield blade coating that Crescent claims will extend the blade’s lifespan by 70%, even when working with nail-embedded wood, OSB, LVL, and shingles. Laser-cut expansion slots reduce blade warping, while the alternating tooth bevel provides greater cutting efficiency with less kickback.

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