5 New Harbor Freight Earthquake XT Composite Impact Wrench Colors

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Harbor Freight recently launched several new Earthquake Composite XT (Xtreme Torque) impact wrenches that caught my attention.

I’ve talked to a lot of Harbor Freight shoppers and tool users over the years, and the store’s Earthquake series impact wrenches are fairly well-regarded.

There are now 6 different color options – but is this really a surprise?

Harbor Freight Earthquake Composite Xtreme Torque Air Impact Wrench Colors

Harbor Freight launched their Earthquake XT 1/2″ drive composite air impact wrench in green, and now they are expanding it with red, yellow, blue, gunmetal, and orange color schemes.

Is this typical? The new color options all say they compare to the Snap-on PT850, but when I looked that model is only available in red and black.

The green version “compares to” the Mac Tools BWP151, which seems to only be available in red and black, as with other Mac Tool impact wrenches.

So if other brands aren’t releasing the same impact wrench in different colors, why Harbor Freight? Oh, I know! Harbor Freight launched their US General full bank service cart in 6 colors, and they match!

Harbor Freight US General Full Bank Service Cart Color Options

Harbor Freight often offers their US General tool storage products – and their attachments and accessories – with several different color options. Wait a second, these are the same colors as for the new Earthquake XT composite impact wrenches.

I can understand color-matched tool box accessories and related storage components. But multiple impact wrench colors? This looks to be their flagship model, and so maybe they expect to sell enough models to justify having different color options.

Does it really matter? (Yes – more on this down the page).

Features & Specs

  • 1/2″ drive
  • 1200 ft-lbs max breakaway torque
  • 1000 ft-lbs mx torque
  • 7000 mac RPM
  • Lightweight composite housing
  • Twin hammer impact mechanism
  • One-handed push-button selector
  • 3-speed rear dial regulator
  • 1/4″ NPT air inlet, 3/8″ recommended hose size
  • 90 PSI working pressure
  • 6 CFM average air consumption
  • Through-handle exhaust
  • Weighs 4.56 lbs
  • 90 dB noise rating
  • “Stylish overmold” provides jacket-like protection

Other popular models are also available in different color options. The Ingersoll Rand 2235 TiMax, for instance, is available in gray, red, and Mossy Oak camo. So maybe color options isn’t that uncommon after all.

Price: $170

More Info via Harbor Freight
Compare: Ingersoll Rand via Amazon

Why does any of this matter? Personally, I see this as another example of Harbor Freight stepping away from their focus on “cheap tools.” Well, sure, these impacts are still priced lower than most (many? all?) competing models, but it’s a more user-centric move.

I doubt that Harbor Freight is going to color-coordinate all of their tools, but this is an interesting development nonetheless.

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