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Get Ready for a Massive Craftsman V-Series Hand Tool Launch at Lowe’s

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We have received several tips over the past few months, about a new Craftsman V-Series of hand tools that are launching at Lowe’s.

Details are still sparse, but a new wave of product listings just went live, giving us the first real look at what the new Craftsman mechanics tools expansion will include.

Thank you to reader Joe E and Jared for bringing all this to our attention!

Craftsman V-Series Flex-Head Ratchet with Cushion Grip Handle

Joe E also provided a first-look at the new Craftsman V-Series flex-head ratchet and its packaging.

In my opinion, this ratchet and many of the other upcoming Craftsman V-Series tools look to have a more premium appearance. I would guess that this new line will sit above current offerings in terms of features, quality, and also price.

Craftsman V-Series Ratcheting Screwdriver

The new Craftsman V-Series tool lineup will include two ratcheting screwdrivers – at the least.

Craftsman V-Series Modular Ratcheting Screwdriver

What’s especially interesting about the new Craftsman V-Series ratcheting screwdrivers is that I recognize their handles as being Facom designs.

Facom 3-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle

Facom is Stanley Black & Decker’s premium brand of mechanics tools. Some Facom offerings are available in the United States, but it’s much more popular and well-known in Europe.

Craftsman V-Series Nutdriver Set

Craftsman’s V-Series nutdrivers also resemble existing Facom tools, or were at least very heavily inspired by them.

Craftsman V-Series Ratchet Polished Handle

The new Craftsman ratchets look to have sealed heads and a new knurled handle design.

Craftsman V-Series Ratchet Cushion Grip Handle

Cushion-grip ratchets are also available.

At this time, there are listings for standard ratchets, stubby ratchets, and flex-head ratchets.

Some of the new Craftsman V-Series ratchets are described as having a 4.5° arc swing, which would mean an 80-tooth gearing mechanism. Others mention a 3.75° arc swing, which would mean 96-tooth or 96-position gearing.

Craftsman V-Series Hex Wrenches

The lineup extends beyond ratchets and screwdrivers to also include T-handle hex keys. The hex tips on these drivers feature new X-Tract Technology, and are designed to help remove damaged and partially-stripped fasteners.

This is a developing story, and there have not been any official announcements thus far. We’ve reached out to Lowe’s and Craftsman with questions and will update you once we hear back.

I’m a big fan of Facom tools and designs. Four and a half years ago, when Stanley Black & Decker officially acquired the Craftsman tool brand, I wrote:

If anyone at Stanley Black & Decker is reading this, I have 2 requests: PLEASE bring some of your European tool brand designs to the USA. I love Facom hand tools, and would love seeing some of them under Craftsman branding.

It looks like I’ll be getting my wish, at least in a small way. And, if this proves to be a successful move for the Craftsman brand, who knows what the future will hold.

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