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Has Anyone Tried Lowe’s Kobalt XTR Impact-Rated Screwdriver Bits?

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I was searching for something else when I came across Lowe’s Kobalt XTR impact-rated screwdriver bits, available in a 35pc screwdriver bit set and a 40pc drilling and driving bit set.

Interestingly these bare the same XTR branding as the brand’s more premium and higher performance Kobalt XTR 40V Max cordless power tools.

Lowe’s describe these accessory sets as being specially designed to fit Kobalt XTR impact tools, although it looks like they will work just as well in other brands’ 1/4″ hex shank impact drivers.

The screwdriver bits feature a “torsion I-beam” for absorbing torque and impact shock, and the set comes with a “patented impact magnetic bit holder,” although it’s not clear what makes it special.

The 35pc set comes with “the most popular screwdriver and nut driver sizes.” There looks to be assortment of Phillips, slotted, square, and Torx sizes, as well as a socket adapter and 1/4″, 5/16″, and 7/16″ nut drivers.

Most of the accessories in the 35pc set are longer power-style bits, as opposed to the smaller insert-style bits.

Price: $20

Buy Now: 35pc Set via Lowe’s

Kobalt XTR Impact Scewdriving and Drilling Bit Set

The 40pc set looks to feature more insert-style bits and fewer power-style bits than the 35pc set, and you also get a selection of hex-shank drill bits.

Price: $20

Buy Now: 40pc Set via Lowe’s

Have You Used These Bits Before?

I found the Kobalt XTR branding to be curious, as I had nothing but good things to say about their XTR cordless power tools.

I haven’t seen these in person yet, but Lowe’s website reports that my local store has 50 of each set in stock.

Lowe’s user reviews seem to be mixed. If you’ve used these screwdriver bits before, what have your experiences with them been like?

If you spotted these sets in-store, not knowing anything else about them, would you pick one up?

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