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New Craftsman Blade Defense Tape Measures

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Craftsman has come out with new tape measures that promise a smaller case design, long reach, and “Blade Armor” for greater durability.

The new Craftsman Pro Reach Plus Blade Defense tape measures – and yes that’s quite a long name – will be available in 25′ and 35′ sizes.

Craftsman Pro Reach Plus Blade Defense Tape Measure 25-Foot Extended

Described as “the ultimate measuring tool,” these tape measures seem to be a durability-enhanced version of existing Craftsman Pro Reach and Pro-X  tape measures.

You get a white blade with black markings, and it has double-sided printing.

The first 9 inches of blade have a “BladeArmor” coating for longer life in tough conditions.

Craftsman Pro Reach Plus Blade Defense Tape Measure 25-Foot Belt Clip

Craftsman says that these tape measures have a “patented smaller case design.”

The 25′ tape has a 1-1/4″ blade and 16 feet of reach (which presumably corresponds to 13 feet of standout).

Craftsman Pro Reach Plus Blade Defense Tape Measures

  • 25-foot: CMHT37925THS
  • 35-foot: CMHT37935THS

Price: $28 for 25′, $38 for 35′

Buy Now: 25′ via Lowe’s
Buy Now: 35′ via Lowe’s


While the new Craftsman tapes seem alright, they’re priced the same as the new Dewalt ToughSeries tape measures (reviewed here), which offer a little longer standout, a more ergonomic case, and an exceptionally good blade lock.

Why buy the Craftsman 25′ at $28, when the Dewalt is the same price? This is also the same price as Milwaukee’s 25-foot Stud tape measure at Home Depot, at least between promo events.

In any case, this looks like it could be a good choice for users who tend to break their tape measures close to the hook. Plus, it’s slightly more compact than some other 25-foot tape measures, which could be the deciding factor.

More choices are always a good thing, right?

Do you think these tapes could indeed be the “ultimate measuring tool?”

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