Makita 18V Cordless TV & Radio Kind of Makes Sense

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Over at Makita’s corporate page, they’ve got a banner ad up for their 18V cordless TV. I didn’t know that Makita made a product like this and took a closer look.

It’s an interesting concept. Makita has cordless coffee makers and a cordless cooler. A cordless TV seems to fit right in with their other lifestyle products.

Makita Cordless TV at Construction Site

Makita depicts their cordless TV and radio being used at construction sites and other types of off-the-grid types of settings.

Makita Cordless TV in Car

It’s also showed off being used in a truck or van, perched on the center console. Perfect for break time.

Makita Cordless TV in Music Player Mode

Or, sync it with a Bluetooth device as a streaming music player.

Makita Cordless TV with Disaster Prep Tools

The Makita TV100 is compatible with their 12V Max slide-style batteries, 14.4V, and 18V Li-ion cordless power tool batteries.

Makita Cordless Power Tools for Disaster Prep

They advertise it alongside other tools described as being suited for disaster prep, such as USB charging adapters, LED worklight, a disaster prep combo kit, cordless radios, and cordless coffee maker.

It makes sense in this context.

Makita Cordless TV on a Farm

You can watch your favorite Makita spokesperson basketball star out on what looks to be a farm.

Makita Cordless TV on a Basketball Court

Or while your friends are playing basketball.

Makita Cordless TV Tailgating

Or take it tailgating.

Makita Cordless TV at Campsite

And of course it’s great to take to the campsite.

The Makita TV has a 10″ LCD display and is weatherproof to IPX4 standards. The music player features a “good morning timer,” off timer, and alarm function.

Unfortunately, the Makita TV100 doesn’t look to be launching in the USA. If it was, would you buy one?

It’s priced at ~¥50,000, or ~$458 USD for the bare tool. You can order one from Japan, but you probably shouldn’t, as it looks like the TV can only display over-the-air TV signals via the extending rod antennas.

See More via Amazon Japan

Here’s the promo video:

The Competition

Other professional power tool brands don’t seem to have their own cordless TVs. While not the same, Milwaukee has their MX Fuel power station, and Dewalt has a 4x20V Max cordless power station, and you can use these to power portable TVs and other AC electronics.

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