Milwaukee Cordless Blower Buying Guide

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With the recent introduction of a new M12 cordless spot blower, Milwaukee Tool now has 3 very different cordless blowers to choose from.

As of July 2021, here are all of the current Milwaukee cordless blowers:

  • Milwaukee M12 Cordless Spot Blower
  • Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower (Gen 2)

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Spot Blower

The new Milwaukee Spot Blower has an axial-style blower fan and comes with a rubber nozzle, wide sweeping nozzle, and an extension that provides extra reach.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower Cleaning Miter Saw

This blower is primarily designed for quick and easy jobsite cleanup tasks.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower Cleaning Floor

With the extension wand in place, you can blow dust and debris across the floor without bending down.

If you notice, the product images show the blower being powered by an M12 XC battery. For longer runtime, you’re going to want to use a higher capacity battery, or be light on the trigger in low speed mode.

Features & Specs

  • Model 0852-20
  • Launching in 2021
  • 110 MPH max air speed
  • 175 CFM max air volume
  • 2 speed settings
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Lock-on button
  • Includes wide nozzle, rubber nozzle, extension nozzle

Price: $79 for the bare tool

Buy Now via Tool Nut – available for preorder

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Blower

Milwaukee M18 Air Blower

Milwaukee’s M18 cordless blower has grown long in the tooth, but it’s still a very capable tool.

Milwaukee M18 Air Blower in Action

This blower is extremely compact, and can be used for various jobsite cleanup tasks.

Milwaukee 0884 M18 Cordless Air Blower Cleaning Floor

With the extension nozzle in place, you can clear dust and debris on the floor without bending too much. However, the blower’s narrow nozzle will limit how effective it will be at clearing larger areas.

The blower comes with inflation accessories, giving the blower utility beyond jobsite cleanup tasks.

Features & Specs

  • Model 0884-20
  • Launched 2014
  • 160 MPH max air speed
  • 100 CFM max air volume
  • 3 speed settings
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Lock-on switch
  • Includes rubber nozzle, extension nozzle, inflator/deflator accessories

Price: $89 for the bare tool

Buy Now via Acme tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Blower (Gen 2)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Blower 2724 Gen II

Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Gen 2 cordless blower, 2724, features a brushless motor and is said to have the power to clear things away from up to 15 feet.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Blower 2724 Gen II Cleaning Jobsite Debris

It can be used for clearing larger indoor areas of sawdust and similar air-movable debris.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Blower 2724 Gen II Cleaning Leaves

Milwaukee also designed this blower for landscaping professionals and other users seeking a cordless battery-powered alternative to gas engine leaf blowers.

The two power settings give users a high speed for more demanding cleanup tasks, and the lower power setting is said to be “optimized for clearing debris from flower beds without moving mulch.”

Features & Specs

  • Models 2724-20, 2724-21HD
  • Launched in 2018
  • 120 MPH max air speed
  • 450 CFM max air volume
  • Variable speed trigger
  • High/low speed settings
  • “Power to clear from 15 feet”

The 2724-21HD kit comes with a Rapid charger and High Output XC 8.0Ah battery.

Price: $159 for the bare tool, $299 for the kit

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Acme Tools
Buy Now: Bare Tool via Home Depot
Buy Now: Kit via Acme Tools

Which Should You Buy?

For landscaping cleanup tasks, such as for blowing leaves or other types of materials, go with the M18 Fuel blower, as that’s the only tool here designed for such tasks. The M18 Fuel blower is also going to be best suited for clearing larger areas of jobsite dust and light debris.

For compact and light jobsite cleanup tasks, there’s the new M12 Spot blower, and the M18 compact blower. Of these two, the M12 moves more air, but the M18 has a faster air speed. The M12 has a larger nozzle, the M18 has a narrower one.

The M12 benefits from 7 years of Milwaukee’s cordless power tool developments, but it’s an M12 tool and not M12 Fuel, which implies that it doesn’t have a brushless motor. This is also reflected in its pricing.

The M18 blower should be able to dislodge dust from tighter spaces, given its higher speed, but the M12 will be more useful in clearing medium sized spaces, especially since it comes with round and broad nozzles.

It’s worth reminding you that the M18 blower also comes with inflation accessories.

I would say that the M12 blower appears to be aimed at users who have been wishing for a smaller and lighter version of Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel cordless blower. You can use a full-sized leaf blower to clean up workshop and jobsite spaces, but not ideal and can even be unwieldy.

There’s also a question of platform preferences – the M12 vs. M18 cordless battery systems might be the deciding factor for many users.

Which of these blower styles more closely align to your needs and wants?

Are there any features that you wish Milwaukee would add to future cordless blowers?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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