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The Best Electric Pressure Washer for ~$200?

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I spoke to my wife’s uncle today, and he mentioned that he had just ordered a pressure washer from Amazon. I looked up the brand, and it’s some no-name company with a ton of reviews from only this year.

The no-name brand power washer claims:

  • 120V AC
  • 2000W power
  • 3000 PSI
  • 2.8 GPM

It was priced at $170.

I sowed doubt in his mind, by conveying how I dislike the idea of buying equipment from no-name zero-credibility brands. This brand doesn’t have any online presence, and their reviews are all from this year. Acually, they do have an “official website,” with empty top-menu categories for pressure washers, swimwear, dresses, and shoes.

He called me back a little while later, and here’s where I’m in a bind. He cancelled the order and now needs a good recommendation.

So, what kind of pressure washer would you recommend for around $200?

My first instinct was to think about Ryobi – they have quite a few very popular options, and I know they stand behind their products.

Buy Now: Ryobi via Home Depot

But are there are other suitable recommendations?

3000 PSI and 2.8 GPM doesn’t seem to be achievable for electric pressure washers in the $200 price range. It’s unclear how the no-name brand achieves this, or they could be inflated and fake.

I looked at Karcher, which I thought was a very reputable brand when it comes to electric power washers, but a lot of negative user reviews make me hesitant. I don’t know if I could trust this brand’s sub-$200 models when so many recent user reviews are overwhelmingly negative.

Buy Now: Karcher via Amazon

It seems that the capabilities for an electric pressure washer in the $200 price range max out at around 1800-2000 PSI and around 1.4 GPM.

What have your electric pressure washer experiences been like? Do you have any recommendations?

Ryobi Pressure Washer RY142022VNM

If I had to pick one to try for myself, and I wasn’t looking for the most compact model, I’d take a gamble on this Ryobi machine, RY142022VNM.

  • 2000 PSI
  • 1.2 GPM
  • Extending handle
  • 13A pump
  • Spray want with 1/4″ quick-connect coupler
  • Turbo nozzle 15° nozzle, soap nozzle
  • 25′ non-marring hose
  • Compact vertical storage

Price: $199

Buy Now via Home Depot

But is this the best option for under $200? I think it’ll be a relatively safe bet, but I’m hoping some of you have other recommendations to throw into the mix.

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