How Much Would You Spend on Screwdrivers

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Shown above is a Vessel “Wood-Compo” screwdriver set. I recently purchased a couple of new screwdriver styles to check out, and as I’ve been arranging them into my review/coverage schedule, I found myself asking a difficult question – are these tools too premium-priced?

Felo’s wood-handle screwdriver set is currently (fantastically) priced at $20 via Amazon. That’s a good example of the type of tool that both appeals to my interests and many of yours due to the affordable price point.

Wera’s Kraftform 6pc screwdriver is a solid recommendation, and its ~$30 price point is reasonable. It offers an upgrade over hardware store screwdrivers and has grown in popularity over the years.

But then we come to the Vessel composite-handled screwdrivers. The 6-pc set shown above is priced at $50 on Amazon, and their thru-tang set is priced higher, but that’s also an 8pc set with the addition of two stubby drivers.

Vessel Megadora Screwdriver Set

I also ordered a set of Vessel Megadora screwdrivers – the 6pc set is $68 on Amazon.

But is this something readers might be interested in buying, or have I ventured into too-premium-priced territory?

I use, test, and explore a broad range of tools, as it’s important for me to understand and experience as much as possible. I also have a particular soft spot for hand tools, as I find the variability to be extraordinarily interesting, but I sometimes wonder if I’m spending too much time and attention at the premium side of the spectrum.

Oh, I know there are even pricier options, but I haven’t even stepped near them yet.

I try not to make pricing a consideration, but that’s a reason I purchased a set of the Vessel Megadora screwdrivers and only singles of the other styles. Part of that is because I don’t need so many different full sets of screwdrivers, and the other part is due to how the price of test samples and brand explorations tend to add up fast. So, I only purchased a set of the more mainstream-style of driver, and singles of the more specialty ones.

As I line up all of the different screwdrivers I am to start testing, I wonder – what kind of price range are you comfortable with?

I think that $20 for a 6-piece set is a popular threshold at home centers and hardware stores, although it looks like brands have pushed this to ~$22.

Klein has a 6pc screwdriver set for $50, and it seems to be quite popular, but that’s still somewhat of a niche set aimed at electricians and other users who want that particular style of screwdriver from Klein Tools.

What’s strange is that I see $30 for a 6-piece set to be a good balance between quality and value, but my comfort level might jump to $8-10 for individual drivers, or sometimes even higher.

I think my perception about screwdriver sets is a little different because I don’t use slotted screwdrivers as often and don’t like idea of paying a premium for them. Hmm, I think I’d spend more for a 6-piece set of hex or Torx screwdrivers than a mixed 6-piece set of Phillips and slotted screwdrivers.

If you needed a new screwdriver set today, what price point would you find appealing? Would you pay more per driver for just a size or two?

How much would you spend on screwdrivers?

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