Bosch Announces FEIN as an 18V Cordless System Partner

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Bosch has announced that FEIN will be joining their “Professional 18V System,” a group of brands whose cordless power tools are powered by Bosch’s 18V Li-ion batteries.

Bosch says:

We asked ourselves: How can Bosch Professional make hard work easier? The answer is simple: we opened up our battery system.

With just one battery system, you can change tools and brands – without changing batteries. This saves you time, effort and money. Less clutter, less searching. More space, more flexibility.

You have the freedom to use our batteries with tools from all these experts brands: Brennenstuhl, COX, Lena Lighting, Klauke, Sonlux, Wagner, Ledlenser – and now even Heraeus and FEIN. But that’s not all. In the future, you can expect even more expert brands for even more flexibility on the job.

Bosch Fein 18V Cordless Starlock Multi-Tool

Bosch’s social and marketing materials specifically show off a Fein cordless oscillating multi-tool being connected to a Bosch battery.

Bosch Fein 18V Cordless Starlock Multi-Tool Screenshot

As you might be aware, the Starlock oscillating multi-tool blade and accessory interface reflects a Bosch and Fein collaborative effort, and so it’s unsurprising for a multi-tool to be the first Fein cordless power tool that’s compatible with Bosch batteries.

Bosch press materials specifically reference the Fein Multimaster series of OMTs, and it is not clear as to whether other Fein tools might also be powered by Bosch batteries in the future. Here is additional messaging from the announcement:

In the future, the multi-functional tools in Fein’s Multimaster Series can be operated with batteries from the Bosch Professional 18V System.

Through the joint battery platform, Bosch and Fein are continuing a partnership that has existed since 2016: The companies jointly developed the Starlock system for standard tool mounting with multi-cutters and have been successfully cooperating on this basis ever since.

Offering simple solutions and different applications to customers are precisely the main advantages of the partnership for both Bosch and Fein, according to Dr. Christoph Weiss, CEO of the Fein Group: “Flexibility is necessary, especially when it comes to batteries. Users prefer open systems, i.e. one battery for several professional power tools and ideally across different manufacturers.” This saves money and makes everyday work easier. “We are convinced that, with the Bosch Professional 18V System, we are relying on the right battery platform for the future,” said Dr. Weiss.

It is unclear as to what Fein means by “with the Bosch Professional 18V System, we are relying on the right battery platform for the future.”

Is Fein launching a limited number of Bosch 18V-compatible tools, or does this news have bigger implications regarding Fein’s future 18V cordless power tool efforts and offerings?

Neither Bosch USA nor Fein have issued any news or announcements about this development.

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