Milwaukee Expands Personal Lighting with New Rechargeable Options

Three new lights are up on deck for Milwaukee’s personal lighting line. They’re rechargeable, but they’re not part of the RedLithium USB lineup. While moving into an integrated battery system is a change, there’s still a lot that’s familiar about these lights.

Despite the power source shift, Milwaukee sticks with micro-USB charging, so there’s no substantial change there. All three have onboard battery level indicators.

They also all have Milwaukee’s Trueview LED technology, giving you a color temperature that lets you see true color definition along with a clean, consistent beam. Additionally, they have impressive IP ratings and drop test ratings to help them deal with less than ideal conditions.

Milwaukee Rechargeable 250-Lumen Penlight with Laser

Milwaukee Rechargeable 250-Lumen Penlight with Laser

Milwaukee’s rechargeable penlight hits 250 lumens in high, which is much higher than we expect at this level. There are a couple of bonuses to go with it as well. There’s a rubberized bite zone and while that might sound unappetizing, most of us are willing to admit that our penlights end up between our teeth more often than our dentists would prefer. The other bonus is an integrated laser pointer and who doesn’t love those?

  • Model: Milwaukee 2010R
  • Output:
    • High: 250 lumens
    • Low: 50 lumens
  • Run-time
    • High: 2 Hours 
    • Low: 8 Hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP54
  • Drop Test Rating: 2 meters

Milwaukee 500-Lumen Everyday Carry Flashlight with Magnet

Milwaukee 500-Lumen Everyday Carry Flashlight with Magnet

Toughest of the new offerings with a 4-meter drop test and IP67 ratings, Milwaukee’s Everyday Carry Flashlight boasts an impressive 500 lumens of output and drops all the way down to 10 lumens when you need the slightest amount of light.

There’s a magnet on the back and although Milwaukee isn’t the first one to have this feature, it’s incredibly handy when you have a steel surface to stick it to. Even when you don’t a reversible clip can attach it to your pocket of the brim of your hat.

Milwaukee also touts a Bulls-Eye Beam Pattern they claim optimizes both close-up and distance illumination.

  • Model: Milwaukee 2011R
  • Output:
    • High: 500
    • Medium: 100
    • Low: 10
  • Run-time
    • High: 3.5 Hours
    • Low: 16 Hours
    • Ultra-low: 75 hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP67
  • Drop Test Rating: 4 meters

Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamp and Magnetic Task Light

Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamp and Magnetic Task Light

Milwaukee’s rechargeable headlamp pop with 450 lumens of output. That’s not the only popping it does, though. You can pop it off of its strap and use the magnet on the back to stick on a steel surface as a task light. In either configuration, the light pivots to five different positions to get the best angle on your work.

One of the nice things is that Milwaukee designed the head strap to use on either your bare head or hardhat. Often, they’ll either stick to your hair uncomfortably or slip off of your hard hat.

  • Model: Milwaukee 2012R
  • Output:
    • Hybrid: 450
    • Spot-High: 250
    • Spot-Low: 100
    • Flood-High: 250
    • Flood-Low:50
  • Run-time
    • Hybrid: 2.5 Hours
    • Spot-High: 4 Hours
    • Spot-Low: 8 hours
    • Flood-High: 4 Hours
    • Flood-Low: 14 Hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP54
  • Drop Test Rating: 2 meters

Which ones sound like they need to find a way into your toolbox? Let us know in the comments below!

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