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New Green Machine Cordless Outdoor Power Tools at Home Depot

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A reader wrote in about some new cordless outdoor power tools they spotted over at Home Depot.

Mike asked:

Do you know anything about the new 62 volt Green Machine lawn equipment at HD? Possible replacement for Ego products?

I can’t say I have ever seen this Green Machine brand before, or their 62V Cordless outdoor power tools.

Green Machine Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment at Home Depot Exclusive

Green Machine tools are available exclusively at Home Depot, and it looks like this is a very new development.

At the time of this posting, they have 2 different mowers, a hedge trimmer, 2 string trimmers, the “industry’s most powerful” leaf blower, a chainsaw, and 2 battery sizes.

The Green Machine website says that are a Daye North America brand, with the parent company associated with a broad range of gas and electric outdoor power equipment products.

On the Home Depot website, they list their featured outdoor power equipment brands, in this order:

  • Ryobi
  • Dewalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Echo
  • Makita
  • Toro

Below all that, they also have sponsored listings for Greenworks and a mix of other brands. At this time, the Green Machine brand is not in that or any other list of Home Depot’s featured brands.

All we know so far is that Green Machine is a brand of 62V cordless outdoor power tools that is exclusive to Home Depot.

Some of the claims they are making are pretty bold, and their specs are very competitive as well, such as their 16″ string trimmer.

It also looks like Green Machine is using brushless motors for all of their products.

As you might be aware, EGO products are no longer available at Home Depot. Mike asked if Green Machine is a replacement for EGO. Given the limited information available, it’s way too soon to make any speculations or predictions.

Home Depot has launched a core selection of Green Machine tools, but it’s unclear what their long-term investment could look like.

Home Depot could just be testing the waters with Green Machine, or they could be working towards a long-term partnership with Green Machine to be their flagship high-voltage cordless OPE tool brand. Home Depot tends to make strong commitments to brands and product lines, and so I would assume they have a multi-year strategy and plan in place.

Earlier in the season, Home Depot stores dedicated a lot of floor space to Ryobi, Dewalt, and Milwaukee cordless outdoor power tools, and there were a couple of other brands’ offerings at their flanks. Do they need to replace the EGO outdoor power tools they used to sell in stores and online?

Green Machine is a brand new system, and the market isn’t what it was when EGO first came out a few years ago. If Home Depot is to build up the brand, it’ll take some work.

Buy Now via Home Depot

I’ll be keeping an eye out for any developments.

Green Machine Cordless Blower Video Screenshot

In the mean time, I have been very thoroughly amused by Green Machine’s advertising. Some of these are screenshots from their product videos, others are images from their website.

Green Machine Cordless String Trimmer Promo Image

Those who have said I get too excited about tools should meet this guy.

Green Machine Cordless Chainsaw Promo Image

Everybody is so overjoyed to use their Green Machine tools…

Green Machine Cordless OPE Get it Done

Well, almost everyone.

Green Machine Carrying 62V String Trimmer

This guy takes his lawncare very seriously.

Green Machine Hedge Trimmer Ad Image

I’m not quite sure how to caption this one.

Green Machine Tools Unstoppable String Trimmer Ad

Or this one.

Green Machine Cordless String Trimmer Sport Mode

Serious question – what’s sport mode?

Here’s one of the product videos:

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