Nupla Handleless Dead Blow Hammer Review

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Nupla’s Handi-Hammer is a super-compact dead blow hammer that lacks the handle of a traditional hammer.

There are two reasons to buy something like this. Most often, I use my Handi-Hammer when there’s not quite enough room to swing a full-size mallet or dead-blow hammer. Other times, I pack it in a tool bag where I think I might need a striking tool but don’t want to carry a larger and heavier full-size tool.

The Handi-Hammer’s compact size means that it can be stowed nearly anywhere – a kitchen junk drawer, a small tool box, or a road kit.

Since Handi-Hammer is a dead-blow hammer, there is little recoil with each strike. One side has a steel striking plate, which helps deliver a harder blow, and the other has a rubber cap, which is soft and non-marring.

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I have owned Nupla’s 10 ounce model for a very long time now (more than a decade), and it has proven itself to be quite handy. While it won’t take the place of a good dead-blow hammer, the Handi-Hammer has earned a permanent place in my toolbox.

Nupla Handi Hammer Gripped

I have used this hammer mostly for installation and assembly projects, but sometimes I will use it with a wrench or a breaker bar and socket to show a stuck fastener who’s boss. While an ordinary dead-blow hammer or a rubber mallet could be used for these types of tasks, I find that the Handi-Hammer’s design allows for more controlled striking power and aiming.

Do you ever use your fist to pound on something because you can’t fit a full-size hammer or don’t have one immediately available? This handleless hammer works just as easily but is far more effective and less painful.

There are two sizes – 10 and 14 ounces. I think the 10 ounce hammer’s lighter size makes it better suited for most uses and haven’t felt the need to step up to the 14 ounce hammer.

Would I buy the Handi-Hammer again? Absolutely.

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Buy Now: 14oz via Zoro

It’s getting harder to source the Nupla Handi-Hammer. As of the time of the last post update, Zoro had the 14 oz in stock.

The Handi-Hammer I own was made in the USA, and as far as I am aware, Nupla still manufactures these dead blow hammers in the USA.

The sample reviewed here was purchased at retail pricing.

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