New Husky Mechanics Tool Sets in EVA Foam Trays

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I recently posted about a Gearwrench mechanics tool set that comes packaged in a precut foam tray (it’s also on sale right now at Home Depot), and have since discovered two new Husky tool sets.

I’ve actually known about the new Husky sets for a couple of weeks, and have been waiting for them to go on sale, and they have!

I reviewed a Husky 3pc ratchet set a few months ago, and it arrived in a neat foam tray. It looks like the new sets feature the same type of foam tray, with a foam base that hugs your tools and a smooth top surface for easy cleaning (and presumably aesthetics – it looks great!).

Husky 70pc Mechanics Tool Set in EVA Foam Tray

Husky Mechanics Tool Set in EVA Foam Tray

First up, here’s the new Husky 70pc mechanics tool set, featuring 3/8″ and 1/4″ tools, sockets, and accessories.

This is more of a beginner’s tool set, as it comes with hex keys, and it has a sub-$50 price tag.

Husky 70pc Mechanics Tool Set

You get all-6pt sockets, with mostly shallow sockets and a couple of deep sockets as well.

Husky Mechanics Tool Set in EVA Foam Tray Contents

Here’s a full list of what you get – 2 ratchets, 42 sockets (22 1/4″, 20 3/8″), 14 hex keys, a single extension, a 1/4″ bit driver, and 10 screwdriver bits.

The set includes SAE socket sizes 5/32″ through 13/16″ and metric socket sizes 4mm through 19mm (with no skips). If you’d like specifics, refer to this PDF for a rundown of the sizes.

Price: $45

Buy Now via Home Depot

Husky 144 Position Ratchet and Drive Accessory Tool Set

Husky 144 Position Ratchet and Drive Accessory Set

If you’re all set on sockets, Husky also has a 22pc 144 position ratchet and drive accessory set, priced at $89.

The 144 position ratchets have an ultra-narrow minimum swing arc of just 2.5°. These appear to be the same ratchets I previously reviewed.

Husky 144 Position Ratchet and Drive Accessory Set Contents

In addition to the 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ ratchets, you also get 2 bit adapter sockets, 10 different extension bars, 4 size adapters, and 3 universal joints.

Here’s the PDF with specifics.

According to the spec sheet, and from the product imagery, it appears that all of the 10 extensions are wobble extensions. I find this interesting because most starter sets give you straight extensions. Are all of these wobble-style extensions (which do come in handy!) to ensure minimal overlap if you’re upgrading from or adding to an all-in-one type of starter set?

You also get a flex extension, which seems like it could be handy. I don’t think I have one yet.

Price: $89

Buy Now via Home Depot

Here’s the thing… the 3pc ratchet set is typically $70 at Home Depot, which is a decent price for a set of 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ fine-tooth or fine-position ratchets. For $19 more, you get 2 bit adapters, 10 extensions, 4 size adapters, and the 3 universal joints.

This seems like a good deal.

Reminder: Husky has a lifetime no-questions-asked and no-receipt-needed warranty on hand tools.


Quite a few readers expressed interest in mechanics tool sets that are bundled with foam trays instead of the traditional (and practically useless) blow-molded cases.

What do you think about these new Husky options?

What would you like to see in a different set or configuration?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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