If You Need Small One-Handed Clamps, Buy These! (4pc Set for $16)

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Over at Amazon, they have this Irwin 4pc bar clamp set on sale for $16.

Technically, this isn’t a sale, but a seasonal “special buy” type of deal, but the result is the same, you get 4 of these 6″ bar clamps for just $4 each.

Original Post: 11/29/2020
Update 12/5/2020:
The price now $16 for the 4 clamps.
Update 12/17/2020: The price is back down to $16 for the 4-clamp set.
Update 5/25/2021: The price is back down to $16.

I bought 2 sets of these clamps a few years ago at different times, and all 8 are still working well. And, despite having better clamps at my disposal, I still use these.

These Irwin clamps good, but not great. They’re useful, but not as versatile as pricier clamps. They’re strong, but 140 pounds of clamping force (some sellers say it’s 150 lbs) isn’t really a lot when you need a lot of holding power.

I’d buy them again in a heartbeat. They come in handy those times when you need a bunch of clamps and don’t really need maximum holding strength of more premium features such as reversible jaws.

Plus, they’re smaller and lighter than bigger clamps.

Buy ’em now while they’re in stock, or you might have to wait a while to find this clamp set at the same price again.

Price: $19.98 $15.99

Buy Now via Amazon
Buy Now via Acme Tools

Update: Acme Tools is also offering this set at $16.

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